Monday, March 30, 2009

Tights & a Wedge

We did a little shopping tonight. A little. I had ordered D a new pair of black dress shoes from and they were too pointy for his taste. A couple of days after I ordered the shoes, we got a coupon from DSW for $20 off a purchase of $50 or more. We decided to run by DSW tonight and exchange the black shoes and, while we were there, purchase him a new pair of brown shoes, too. He's pretty hard on his shoes. I think it's the way he walks, but he tends to wear holes in the soles of his shoes after about a year. It was time to replace both pairs of shoes so that's what we did tonight. I really like the styles we chose and it was nice to have such a great coupon!

After that we stopped by Old Navy's meager maternity section (didn't find a thing) then meandered into Osh Kosh (I forgot it was there!). We didn't have time to browse for long since we were meeting some friends for dinner, but we went back after dinner and I picked up 8 pairs of tights for $8.68. Two pair of tights were only $1.99 for the set!
Dinner was really fun. One of our friends just moved to London for work so we wanted to meet up with him before he had to leave again. Another friend and his wife who were at dinner are due with their first baby (a boy) on Wednesday. I really admire that she is still getting out and about - I know she's not very comfortable!

I got my prenatal cradle and Pregnancy Wedge in the mail today. I plan to try the wedge tonight when I go to bed and my prenatal cradle tomorrow. I'll let you know what I think!
You're going to make fun of me, but I'm almost 100% positive that my nose is getting bigger. I just want to know if it goes back down after the baby is born...? Here's a picture of D & me at the wedding we attended on Saturday. Thanks, Mom, for the use of your necklace and earrings! I can't believe you had those on you when you visited! Perfect! My mom also bought me a "cherry blossom pashmina" when she and Dad were in D.C. last week. I plan to devote some time to that (with pictures!) tomorrow. It's beautiful - I love it a lot. I wore it to breakfast on Saturday and the hostess complimented me on it!
D just booked our September Chicago trip! I'm so excited! We're using our Alaska Airlines miles which is saving us over $700! I'm a little nervous about traveling with Amelia when she's so young, but thankfully we'll be staying with D's aunt and uncle who are so sweet and accomodating so hopefully it won't be such a big deal. Direct flights both ways which is also a relief!

Well, bedtime is calling my name and D looks like he's fading so until tomorrow night!

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Noah said...

Ok, so I have never heard of a nose growing in pregnancy, but I suppose it could happen. My feet grew half a size when I was pregnant with Will. I think they just flattened from the extra weight!

Traveling with a baby is super easy since at that ge they just are happy to be held, eat, and sleep. Just on the plane, bring a few outfits, more diapers and wipes than you think you'll need, and a complete change of clothes for you and D. The worst thing ever is to get spit up all over (or diaper leaked over) and not have something to change into! Learned that one the hard way myself!

Micah said...

That's such a great picture of you guys! I do love the necklace!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Yes, be sure and tell me how you liked the pregnancy wedge while sleeping. I see those a lot and wonder if they work.

Mainly a midwife said...

You look great Jamie!!!

Sarah said...

You are looking great! I love the necklace.

About the nose thing, I know that can happen. Rest assured, everything I have read and heard, says that it will return to normal after you have Amelia.

LSANFO said...

Oh yeah, my nose swelled when I was pregnant with Sydney. My whole face was swollen...I was so glad to get my face back afterwards!

Diane said...

Great pic of the two of you. You look wonderful!

I've heard about noses getting bigger during pregnancy... haven't heard about them getting smaller :(

Great deal on the tights!

Sweet Simplicity said...

What in the world is a cradle? I've never heard of that before.
Great deals on the shoes!

Jennifer said...

You have to let us know how the wedge works out. I wonder if that might help my back? I've never heard of that.

My friend's nose got bigger during pregnancy too. IT was more than just the pregnant puffy face that happens - it just got big. But she's had her daughter since then and her nose is back to normal now. It went back to normal about a week after having her. I think your nose will be fine. (o: