Thursday, March 10, 2011

Music to My Ears

She sings.  All of the time.  Her ABCs, Elmo's World, Twinkle Twinkle, My God is So Big, or really any tune she hears she will attempt to mimic.  She's not unlike her dad in this way.  He makes up lyric to familiar tunes or just generally sings the wrong lyrics unintentionally while he mindlessly does household chores.  I can see Amelia being this way later, as, really, she is that way now.  We have a couple of Little People kids CDs that are on a continuous loop in the van.  I don't listen to "my" music or even the radio.  She has learned the lyrics to all 30-something songs and, although choppy, she sings along. 

I got a deal on Groupon for Gymboree classes.  A month's worth which, at the time, I envisioned being going to these classes at least twice a week.  Nope - it's for 4 classes.  We had to choose between a variety of options whether we wanted her in an art class (she gets bored after scribbling for a few minutes so that probably wouldn't work), a music class (she'll play instruments and learn about reggae and jazz?  Maybe not), or a "play and learn" class which sounded good to me.  She would be able to get out all of her energy and be tired for naptime!  It was basically a glorified Open Play with some fancy equipment.  There wasn't much structure at all and there were about 15 kids which seemed excessive.  Amelia wasn't interested in climbing on anything - she was being shy and decided to try to round up every bouncing ball she could get her hands on.

I was able to switch her to the music class and that went much better.  She loved playing the instruments and she watched the teacher very closely to try to keep time with the teacher's taps and beats.  There were only about 8 kids in the class which felt much more personal, and the teacher actually taught the entire time.  We learned about Celtic music but it wasn't about Celtic music - that was just what music played in the background and what the kids tried to keep beat to.  I'm really excited about her next class.

She's hilarious.  I need to start writing things down.  The other day, she put her shoes on her baby's feet:
I mean, come on.  What's funnier than that?  The fact that her baby could stand, literally, on its own two feet.

She loves Elmo and Caillou.  Every morning when she wakes up, she yells "Mommy!  Mommy, Daddy!  Mommy!" and when I go in to get her she says "Elmo?  Caillou?"  The routine is that I let her watch TV while she eats breakfast then we get ready for the day and try to get out of the house.  Getting out of the house is a must with a least with my toddler.  We drive each other crazy if we don't get out at least 3 or 4 times a week (during the day).  That's why I love MOMS Club...something to do every day.

I better get off of here.  A lot of work to do. 

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Happy Friday!