Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green potatoes

Happy St. Patrick's Day (even though we're not Catholic and barely Irish)

I'm craving mashed potatoes
D (sitting on the couch wearing his green button-up shirt): You should dye them green
Me: You really want green potatoes? Really?
D: You're right - green potatoes are too fun. We shouldn't try to have fun.

So, the potatoes were green. It messed with my mind. I plated the blob and poked at them with my fork a couple of times before timidly taking the first bite. Hm, they taste like mashed potatoes. I'm an intelligent person, but I really expected that they would have a more - I don't know - green taste. My craving had already disappeared by the time I took my first bite, so I don't think I'll be making green mashed potatoes again - until next year. Or, maybe I should dye all of my food irregular colors if it keeps me from over-stuffing my face.

My belly has felt really heavy the last couple of days. At night it feels almost sore. I know that it's ligament pain from my belly actually getting heavier, but it just makes me want to sit on the couch and do nothing. I really need to get some things done, though, especially since my plan is to get to bed at a reasonable hour. My parents and another couple who are good friends of theirs are coming to stay with us just for one night before they fly to D.C. for vacation. Bible class is tomorrow night, Ladies Bible class is Thursday night and then company comes on Friday. You'd think that would motivate me to get off the couch but I'm here to tell you that the 5:30am wake-up calls sciatica woes and heavy belly about do me in. I know, I know - it gets worse.

Ok, I'm going to get off here and get things done.

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Micah said...

I'm pretty sure I couldn't have eaten that either. As pretty a green as they are, they look pretty... umm... not like mashed potatoes should look ;). I would have saved some out for myself then dyed Brad's green =). Looks like a great supper otherwise!

Jennifer said...

The green mashed potato idea is fun even if they are a little too green to eat! (o:

Hoping your belly feels some relief so you have the energy and ability to keep going. (o:

Sarah said...

Wow! Those are some green mashed potatoes. I had a hearty laugh at your comment about dyeing your food irregular colors if it stops you from over-stuffing your face! I may have to try that. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to eat green mashed potatoes either!

I hope your belly starts to feel better and you get some relief. Have you tried a maternity belt?

forever folding laundry said...

Those ARE green! I'm not surprised you had trouble with them! I made green eggs & ham once on Dr. Seuss' b-day and the boys wouldn't touch them. =)


Sweet Simplicity said...

What a colorful plate! Those mashed potatoes are REALLY green. haha!