Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obligatory Post after a Missed Day

I told you how bad I am at following through. I didn't post yesterday...oops.

In my defense, it was a busy day. But, today is a new day and my hair is curled which makes me feel a lot better than when it's board straight and straggly.

Last night after work I stopped by the store for milk. We've been going through it at a pretty rapid pace due to my Raising Bran Crunch addiction. Speaking of which, I picked up 2 more boxes last night - the nerve of Safeway to keep it on sale for so long! I guess I could have worse cravings! I also picked up some grapes, bananas (product of Chile - I happened to notice), and Gala apples (99 cents/pound!).

Cereal for dinner then off to Costco before Bible class. D always eats at their little food court. Every once in a while I do, too, especially now that I'm pregnant and don't have to watch my calories quite as closely. While he was downing his piece of pepperoni pizza and polish dog, I sucked down a Mocha Freeze so quickly that it started a watery-eyed coughing fit. That's really the only interesting part of that story. I picked up some pears at Costco along with the usual restocking items. I found Amelia a really cute Carter's dress for next summer for $5.37. I wanted to look some more but we were in a hurry and a lady had pulled her cart right in front of the clothes, blocking 3/4 of the items. She was oblivious that I was hovering around her so I grabbed the dress closest to me which I happened to love, anyway.
Couldn't sleep last night. Amelia kept me awake and then woke me up this morning. She must know that today is the first day of March Madness! My bracket is filled out and I'm all set to go. No, I don't bet on my bracket but it's always fun to see between family whose bracket comes out on top. I don't have the UW Huskies going very far but I hope they prove me wrong!

I tried to find some pictures for you to make this post more interesting but nothing seemed to apply. I would take a picture of the Sound but it's foggy and nasty outside so there wouldn't be much to see. Although... here it is on a clear day back in July 2007! It's the view from my office window. Cruise ships dock in front of that teal colored building. That's Alki Beach across the water there...and a ferry, of course.

Happy Thursday! I can't believe it's Thursday already. Not that I'm complaining!

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Susan's Snippets said...

Over from Mabel's House...just wanted to give you a shout and say congrats on the impending little girl.

she will make your heart swirl

Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy that raisin bran crunch, I'll have to try it.

Diane said...

I had a friend who's coffee-caffeine habits had her baby up all night too!

We had Raisin Bran yesterday morning and I thought of you :)

liz wilcox said...

I don't think I got a chance to say that your potatoes were so festive! I love it Jamie. Hey, I left pleo so I will be commenting on here more often. It's such a cute blog!!!