Monday, March 23, 2009


Amelia has the hiccups. She's been on a steady hiccuping beat for the last half hour or so - this is the first time I've felt her having the hiccups that I was sure that's what it was. Definitely a weird feeling but it's funny because I can now tell that she's head down. Good girl! Stay that way for the next 14 weeks!

Today is my gestational diabetes test. I have to fast after 10:45am and then drink the glucola drink at 2:45pm. This fasting thing is for the birds - I don't know how I'm going to not eat for 5 hours. I should send out a memo to people at work: "Pregnant lady not allowed to eat. Steer clear after 11am". I have heard of some women being told that it's okay to eat certain foods but my doctor instructed me to fast so I better do it that way. I suppose if I get desperately hungry I could call my doctor's office and ask if I can have a piece of bread (I heard carbs are okay) ::something with PROTEIN:: - it's protein that's okay, not carbs!

My parents and their friends met us at Maggiano's on Friday evening around 5:45pm and we had a wonderful dinner! The food was really great and the company was so fun! They flew out to D.C. the next morning. My sweet husband took them to the airport at 4:30am and on his way home grabbed DONUTS! When he was getting back in bed around 5am, he told me "No need to wake me up - I got donuts on my way home". Of course I slept fitfully for the next few hours just knowing that there were rounds of doughy, chocolaty goodness in my kitchen.

We watched UW lose to Purdue. I was not a fan of the refs of that game. For the record. If anyone is recording this.

We had to run to Lowe's because our list was getting longer and longer. While we were there, we decided to pick up some flowers for the spot in our front yard that has been vacant for at least the last 6 months. I've never learned how to garden and never really had too much of an interest since everything I plant seems to wither and die or not sprout up in the first place. But, I really wanted that front area filled so we picked up some flowers that we thought were pretty and planted them that night since the evening was mild (around 55°) and it was still light out. I have to say it looks much better! Don't worry - we made sure that the flowers we chose would do well in that area with the lighting and drainage. We're not complete amateurs! We still have to get a few more flowers to fill in some empty spots, but it's an improvement! D even dug up some of our tulips from the backyard and planted them in with our new flowers. They haven't bloomed yet - I wonder if they even will this season.

D prepped the upstairs guest bath for painting last night and he'll paint it tonight. It's nice to finally get some rooms painted that we've been waiting to paint for a while. Tomorrow we'll go look for baby furniture.

Amelia's hiccups are gone. I better go eat. I plan to stuff myself silly until 10:45. Probably not the best choices of food before a glucose test, but I brought a banana, an apple, a pear, and the fixings for toast with honey. Ha! I can't help it if my child already has a fanatical sweet tooth.

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Leah said...

Ha! I was gonna say...carbs are NOT what you want to be eating before a glucose test. :)

Hope you enjoyed the donuts!

Diane said...

Your flower bed looks nice :)

4 hours is a loooong time for a pregnant lady to wait for food. Hope all went well with your g. test.

liz wilcox said...

Jamie, those flowers look great! I hear you though, I am not a green thumb person. We are learning too. We have a little spot out front that needs some work. You've inspired me!!! :)

Good luck with the glucose test. Hope you pass!

Leah said...

How did the test go?

Mainly a midwife said...

Love the flower garden!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I hope your glucose test went well! I had to do that once in college b/c we thought I had diabetes. It was awful. I can't imagine doing it pregnant.