Monday, March 16, 2009

Bathroom/Living Room - Redone

I can't be on long because my sweet husband is waiting for his computer - I stole it. He's patiently waiting by playing Xbox in the meantime :)

This counts as my Monday post - just FYI.

D has worked very, very hard to update our house project by project from replacing almond-colored light switches to tackling remodeling an entire bathroom. He really amazes me with everything he takes on (& completes!). He keeps a running list of every improvement he's made to this house - someday I'll share the list.

So, here's the bathroom before (*shudder*):

And this is our remodeled guest bathroom! We painted it a light brown and chose the darker tile.

I should point out that the toilet paper is no longer sitting on the sink. D installed the toilet paper holder this evening - I just took the picture before he did that!

We drove a 16' Enterprise rental truck down to Oregon last weekend because my parents gave us a killer deal on their living room furniture. The ride was pretty interesting and at some points pretty bouncy but it was kind of nice to be riding up that high. I was able to knit the entire way down to Oregon which I'm definitely not capable of doing in a regular car.

My mom had a surprise baby "sprinkle" for my sister on Saturday. Since it's my sister's 2nd baby my mom just invited a few of her closest friends. She was pretty surprised! I'll talk about that more later.

Here are the living room pictures. I'm not sold on keeping all the decorations how they are, so if you have suggestions send them my way. I haven't decided whether or not to keep the sheers on the windows. I may replace them since they might be a little too busy for the room. I used to have an oriental rug on the floor but with the chair pattern I was feeling a little overwhelmed with different patterns. It will go in another room.

Hope you enjoyed the little virtual tour. Amelia has been kicking me all day long. She's usually only active at certain times of the day but today it's been almost constant. I do not mind one bit! Today we got the CUTEST Mariner's outfit for Amelia from David's Aunt Patty. I'll be posting pictures of it tomorrow!

On to bed...

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Sarah said...

Jamie, I'm loving the bathroom! David did a really nice job. And I like your new furniture. If I see anything that would go nice as decor, I will let you know.

Micah said...

Wow! D did an awesome job on the bathroom!!! It looks amazing. The new living room furniture is perfect! I LOVE it!!!

Anonymous said...

Love what you did - the bathroom looks great - spa like!!!

Anonymous said...

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