Saturday, January 9, 2010

My baby is sick

She is.  This is a whole new arena for me.  For 6 months she's had nary a sniffle but now, all of a sudden, she has horrible sinus congestion and today has been consistently running a 99.7° fever.

Have you ever nursed a baby who had sinus congestion?  Not fun.  Amelia would try to nurse then she'd choke because she couldn't breathe.  I mean, imagine your worst cold where you couldn't even blow your nose because nothing would come out yet you were so stuffed up that it hurt to blink.  Now imagine your food source being something you have to suck on at a 90° angle.  Talk about impossible.

I tried pumping and giving her a bottle in a more upright position but she would take maybe 2 small gulps and refuse it.  Again with the sucking thing.  She looked at me like "Seriously, Mom?  Are you trying to starve me?"  So, I took what I pumped and made a yummy green bean, oatmeal and milk pile of goodness for her.  She was slow at eating it but she ate it.  Then she took a nap and slept for 3 hours.

The pediatrician wanted to see her when I described her symptoms so I scooped her up right after her nap and took her in.  Just a cold.  Scooped her up and took her back home. 

She's just been cranky, tired, and miserable today.  She took 3 naps, none of them long, and I put her to bed at 6:50pm because of how tired she was acting.  I hope she starts feeling better, although truthfully David and I both aren't feeling 100% tonight, either. 

In other news, David spent a lot of time today entertaining the very grouchy Amelia so that I could create my shop on Etsy.  It's a lot more of a time-consuming process than I originally thought but it feels good to have it done!  David made me some bases with dowel rods sticking out so I can stack my ribbons on them.  Makes me feel a lot less cluttered. 

I spent some time the other day reading through posts I wrote right after Amelia was born.  I wrote about sleep then, too, only not as much.  You'd think lack of sleep would be more prominent in those first few months, but apparently I was too busy being grateful and stuff.  Also, I used to be kind of witty...I don't really know what hap-- wait, what was I saying?  Oh, yeah...I had a baby and my brains fell out.

Gotta go check on my baby.  And clean up my ribbon mess, or at least organize it.  Wish me luck and an early bedtime.

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forever folding laundry said...

Poor girl. You're right: sick babies are the worst! I hope she's feeling better soon.


Diane said...

I'm SO sorry that she's sick! (I truly hope that it wasn't from us.) I do hope that she's feeling better soon.

Congratulations on opening your shop!!! Your bows are adorable. May your business flourish!

Melissa M said...

Sorry Millie is sick. Do you have a humidifier in her room? Have you tried Saline nasal spray up her nose followed by her "nose sucker" (nasal aspirator)?? It helped quite a lot when our girls were congested. We all have our own bottles of saline spray and use them often. Just a thought. Hope she is on the mend soon.