Friday, January 22, 2010

$4 for a box of cookies. And, a question.

First, I just have to say I felt like a genius today.

Millie and I drove to pick David up at work today.  As we were pulling in to the parking garage I was talking to him on my cell phone (I only called to tell him we were there - shhh - don't tell Oprah!) and he told me that he'd be down in a few minutes - he was busy ordering Girl Scout cookies.  We're Samoas people, and apparently David thought we should have 4 boxes.  4.  boxes.  We don't even pretend that we can't possibly eat more than 1 box before they go bad, thereby stuffing the other boxes into the freezer for safekeeping.  I'm pretty sure the last box is still warm from the Girl Scout's hands whence they came as we polish off the final cookie.

Now, my genius moment.

I was waiting for David to come down to the garage and decided to play with Amelia since she was stuck in her car seat and I didn't anticipate waiting long enough to unstrap her and pull her out.  As I was singing along with Do Your Ears Hang Low? on her Baby Genius CD, I glanced at my front passenger tire.  It looked kind of flat.  Because often tires can look a little flat at the bottom and I've been known to point out "almost flat" tires that aren't flat at all, I went to the tire and pushed my foot against it.  Pretty sure it isn't supposed to be squishy like an intertube.  Just to make sure I wasn't crazy, I did my same scientific test on the rear passenger tire...pretty firm. 

David came at that moment and before he could reach the car I said, "Lookatmytireit'sflat!" 

I was completely proud of myself for noticing my flat tire and potentially saving all of our lives. 

David took a glance at it and then back at me, smiling.  "Ooooh, it's fine."  That's the kind of "Ooooh, it's fine" that generally means, "Silly, Jamie.  It's so cute that you think you're right."

"Push the tire with your foot!" I said, and watched as he did.

"Hmmm, yeah, you're right - it's pretty low.  I'm going to try to make it home, though."

AAAHHH!  Ha!  Haha!  I was right!  Not only was I right, I was right enough that we might not make it home.  Exciting!

David filled the tires when we got home and reported that the tire pressure is supposed to be at 30 for all tires, but it was only at 25 for 3 of them, and the "flat" one I noticed only had a tire pressure of 15.  He said he didn't see a nail in the tire, so that's a good thing.

I know realizing your tire is a little low is nothing to get excited about, but when you have a husband who notices everything before you do, it's kind of fun to notice something first.
Now, the question...
What are some of your favorite blogs to read?

I'm trying to expand my blog-reading options and would love to see more of what's out there.

Off to make bows!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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Mainly a midwife said...

We are selling GS cookies this year. It's painful. However..we push on.
One of my faves is This is Reverb (pastor Ryan from PW's blog).

rosie said...

I love ThriftyDecorChick on blogger. Great decorating and homemaker-ing...whatever...ideas and tips!