Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas in Pictures

I got so used to making enough coffee for 8 adults that I accidentally made my coffee the consistency of tar this morning.  That's what a week in Oregon does to me, I guess.  I don't mind.

I'm going to summarize the Christmas holiday in the only way that isn't over-the-top wordy and completely boring to all of you (and saves me from a lot of proofreading)....in pictures.

On Christmas Eve, Amelia got to play with cousins Lucas and Isaiah that she hadn't seen since August...

When we got home that night, Amelia mostly enjoyed chewing on wrapping paper while we opened a few gifts for her.  Here she is in her snowman pajamas playing with a Christmas present from a friend.  She's laying on a quilt made for her by her great-great-aunt Nan!

On Christmas Day, we delivered treats to our local fire department before heading to David's parents' house for Christmas breakfast made by the guys.  They made breakfast sandwiches on croissants.  Yum.

That morning, Amelia got to try on a hat made by her aunt Stephanie and a bib that David's grandma made and that David wore when he was a baby!

She also got to see her cousin, Nora, who is David's cousin's 3 month old baby girl.  I have a feeling they'll be friends when they're older. 

The QT with cousins didn't stop there.  We decided to head down to Oregon on Christmas night instead of our original plan of waiting until the following Tuesday.  Amelia slept the entire way and we got in really late.  In Oregon, Amelia...
...got to defend her pacifier from her cousin, Kate, who was very curious about the plastic object protruding from Amelia's mouth.

...got to play with Kate (when the paci battle was over, of course)

...play with both of her girl cousins!  (Sorry the picture is blurry.  I loved it too much not to post)

...got to go to the baby Bible class for the first time (since she's the only baby where we attend up here, there isn't a Bible class for babies)!  Even though she was tired I think she really loved it!

...got to see her very first snowfall since Hillsboro got 4 unexpected inches of the white stuff (notice out the window behind Millie and her Granddad)!  She didn't care much.

Millie and I were in Oregon for a week.  We had such a great time.  The longer I was there, the longer I wanted to stay!  Carrie and Chris bought a house at the end of November and, because it's a "fixer-upper", they're staying with my parents until the house is actually liveable.  So the guys spent every night (and day!) over at the house fixing it up.  One night, the guys stayed at my parents' house with the kids and the girls all went over to the "fixer-upper" and primed doorways and window sills.  We worked a lot but we laughed even more. 

Speaking of Chris & Carrie, I'm going to be an aunt again!  Anna is 8 1/2 months old so she'll only be about 16 months older than her next sibling and Amelia will only be a little over a year older than her next cousin!  Does it get any better than that?!

David had to work the Monday and Tuesday after Christmas, so he went back home on Sunday night then returned late Tuesday evening.  While he was home after work on Tuesday evening, he and his brother-in-law, Jake, worked on our master shower.  I'm happy to say that I think it's nearing completion.  David tried to put up sheetrock tonight but it was really loud and the baby was asleep.  She woke up so he stopped.

We got back to Washington in time to see David's aunt and cousin from Chicago.  While we were there, Amelia got her first look at Sage, Jake and Stephanie's lab.  I can't get my baby away from the animals - she wants to love on every dog and cat she sees, and Sage was no exception.

Here's Amelia's 5 month shot and 6 month shot next to "the pig".  My dad won that pig for me when I was 2 and except for the stick-on black nostrils that got lost in the wash, I'd say it's in pretty good shape.

I think month 5 was a huge growing month for her.  Now that she's on solids, she's really beefing up.  So far she's had...

- Peas (loved them)
- Green beans (loved them)
- Squash (yum)
- Applesauce (absolutely)
- Pears (nom, nom)
- Prunes (out of necessity...she ate them fine)
- Peaches (not a fan of peaches.  Who doesn't like peaches?!)

Tomorrow is her 6 month checkup.  I've got my questions for the doctor written down.

Seriously.  See, this is my problem.  I start a blog and can't shut up.  I need to work on breaking up the posts.

Have a good Wednesday,

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Diane said...

Love the holiday narrative - especially all the pix. The pig ones are so fun!

Still can't believe how much snow you had in Oregon!

Amazed at how well Millie is eating - and the variety. Gonna have to remember peaches for Henry in a few months :)