Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm laughing at myself

I fully intended to write a new post tonight but, if you can even read this, you'll see that I'm having complications.  If you get my posts via email, come over to my blog and have a good laugh.

My train of thought:  I want a simpler blog layout.  I'll just pick one of the Blogger templates and start over.

What actually happened:  It was too simple.  Decided I needed 3 columns instead of two and started playing with the HTML coding to change some fonts.  Wound up with itty bitty writing.  I'll be working on fixing it tomorrow.

I have so much to share that I'm thinking my entries just from the holidays will spill into February.

For tonight, I'll just say that I'm so thankful for this blogging world.  If it weren't for the blogging world, I...
...wouldn't have started to "follow" Diane's blog
...wouldn't have known Diane when she and her sweet family picked up and moved just 15 minutes from me!
...wouldn't have had the complete delight of meeting Diane and her lovely husband and adorable children this evening!

It was such a great night getting to meet Diane and her family!  Hopefully we can get together and be crafty soon!

Signing off for tonight!

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Diane said...

We are sooo thankful for YOU, Jamie!

Also, I'm always impressed at your "playing around with html" and such. Love the new banner too!