Monday, January 18, 2010

In the Bedroom

I don't know what's happening, but the list of blogs on my page won't refresh which means I don't have a clue who has updated recently.  My not seem all that important unless you're sitting in a dark living room with your husband who is playing Xbox and it's either sit there and watch him play or catch up on your blog-reading. 

David and I bought our laptops at almost the exact same time.  We weren't even dating yet.  In my little mind we were good friends and we really liked spending time with each other.  Meanwhile, the more time we spent together, the more he liked me and wanted to date me.  But that's another story for another time.

Our engagement photo. 
Wedding guests signed the mat and now it hangs in our bedroom.

Anyway, we bought our computers in August of 2005.  I only know this because of when David and I started our friendship (July 2005) and when we started dating (September 2005).  My point is that, in laptop years, our computers are old.  Way over the hill.  As a matter of fact, mine is literally falling apart and David's doesn't even keep a charge anymore unless the cord is held just a certain way which requires it to be held down underneath the computer and tilted just so on the table.  Once, a couple of years ago, we had a guy come to our house to give us an estimate on what it would cost to replace the aluminum windows on our house with vinyl.  He was an older man, and I remember feeling sorry for him that he had to spend his post-retirement years driving around being a salesguy.  I tried to stay as uninvolved in the bidding price as possible, but they still won't do a bid unless the spouse is in the room so I had to be in the vicinity, pretending to listen.  I was sitting in an overstuffed chair across from where I would usually sit on the couch, my laptop perched on my legs which were folded under me.  My laptop was plugged in because, as I remember, it was almost out of battery power.  Only problem was that it was plugged in over by the couch where I usually sat and this poor old man decided to walk to the bay window in our living room without watching where he was going.  He tripped on the cord and my laptop went flying.  Luckily, the old man was okay if not a little embarassed (as was I), but my laptop suffered a couple of minor casualties.  Among them, a piece of plastic broke off the corner on top of the laptop and the portable USB adapter (my laptop is so old that it doesn't have a USB drive) bent and was never the same.

My corner of the room. 
I was so proud of myself for picking out and deciding where those shelves should go. 
Notice we don't have window treatments.  Sigh.

Not to bore you with our laptop woes, but my laptop is incredibly slow and doesn't hold a charge for longer than 20 minutes.  David's hasn't held a charge for quite a while, but only recently has he had to finagle the cord a certain way to even get battery power to his computer.  I'm pretty sure his battery is gone. 

So, in November we bought a PC.  I went back and forth about whether I actually wanted a PC or a laptop, but in the end we decided on a PC because of how much it would store compared to a laptop.  We need the space because we are parents.

David's grandma B made this for me and I absolutely love it.  It fits between the box spring and mattress to hold magazines, notes, whatever!  I'm so glad I don't have to keep my magazines on the floor anymore.

I did fight where David wanted to put it:  in our bedroom.  Our bedroom is so ghetto-fabulous right now.  We have, literally, 3 different styles of furniture in our bedroom and 7 pieces of furniture.  My husband has a lot of clothes.  He actually wears the same rotation of about 8-10 shirts and 3 pairs of pants, but he keeps 80% more clothes than that "just in case".  Just in case of what, I don't know.  But anyway, the desk joined the Bedroom of Misfit Furniture and is now happily residing squished in here with everything else.  We are a Realtor's nightmare.  The simple truth is that there wasn't another logical place to put the desk & computer.  The desk used to sit idly in the upstairs guest bedroom, collecting old issues of Real Simple and acting as a catch-all for whatever our guests decided to put on it.  We couldn't put the computer in a guest room - it might be a little rude to barge in on guests when they're staying here so that I can check Facebook or write a blog.  I mean, I'm no etiquette expert - I'm just guessing.

The desk. 
The bows and clippies I've made hanging tackily on the wall.  I need a designer or something.

It's not a bad desk.  I have dreams of sanding it down, painting it, and replacing the knobs but it's a family desk and I am not allowed.  Same goes for the dresser and nightstand that match.  So, I learn to appreciate the charm of a mismatched room. 

I've been sitting here trying to figure out why, A) Blogger keeps turning my right-side-up pictures sideways when I upload them (annoying!), and B) How to add captions to pictures in Blogger.  Too frustrated to keep messing with it.  It really should be easier. 

It's late and I'm going to bed.  Thankfully, David has tomorrow (today) off work.  A perk of being a government employee.  Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

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Leah said...

Our bedroom is a hodge podge of mismatched furniture as well. We've got my old dresser from childhood which is a light stained knotty pine with white drawers, a black floor mirror, a cherry stained bookcase functioning as a night stand, a light stained wood telephone stand functioning as the other night stand, a black plaid pack and play, two guitars, a gigantic amp, a king size bed with no headboard, and a cherry stained glider and ottoman. It's a hot mess.

Diane said...

It doesn't matter what you write about, I always enjoy it! You are so funny - and I mean it! I laugh out loud and Chris says, "What?" I reply, "Oh, it's Jamie." And he nods his head, completely understanding.

On a side note, we have the same engagement framed/signed photo that you guys have (only it's a picture of us, not you and David ;) I also grew up with that desk in my parents house. Not kidding. I also have a long pink ribbon clippie holder, like yours. I swear, I've not been spying on you ;)