Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Picture Time!

First, for the record, I'm so done being pregnant. I love this little girl like crazy but I'm ready for her to be on the outside of me. I feel like a blowfish. From my ginormous, swollen, keep-my-husband-awake-with-my-snoring nose to my aching, puffy hands and Miss Piggy feet....I'm done. I think I've decided that June 12th will be my last day of work. That's my hope, anyway. More on that later this week after I speak to my doctor.

We painted the downstairs entertainment room french doors last night. White. They were just plain wood with some water damage at the bottom, but D & I decided they should be white. I got finished with dinner after D because I actually chew my food instead of inhaling it. So I set my dishes down to quickly check on D to see what he was doing since he had been running around the house getting things done all day. Found him in the downstairs entertainment room painting. He asked if I wanted to help tape off some edges that he hadn't gotten to yet so I agreed and went about taping. There was a lot of taping to do...it was many moments of "Oh, yeah, I probably should tape that, too" and "I'm not going to take off the hardware here so let's tape over that". It was nice to work together on a project instead of D just doing it himself. I offered to help paint and he actually let me. He took off to Lowe's for one item that he needed and I finished the first coat and then started on the second. Finished the second and D waited a bit then did the 3rd. We're thinking they might even need a 4th coat.

Here's the "before", and I'll show you the "after" when we're finished. This was a picture I happened to find that was taken several months ago, obviously not for the purpose of showing the door.

Our trip down to Oregon was a lot of fun. We ended up coming back Sunday night but I wished the whole day that we had stayed through Monday. Oh, well. We got a lot accomplished yesterday at the house.

We drove down to Oregon on Thursday night around 7:30pm and had no traffic issues at all - it was great. On Friday we headed over to Lindsay & Craig's to meet baby Kate. Since they live about a block and a half away from my other sister, D dropped me off there first so I could walk with Carrie and the kids over to Craig & Lindsay's. It was so nice to see Anna and Caleb again - I got in a LOT of snuggle time with Anna this weekend and we weren't 20 minutes out of Portland when I told D "I miss Anna already".

Here's baby Kate during one of the few times that weekend she actually had her eyes open. Normally she was either eating or still punch drunk from eating!

Lindsay was feeling up to getting out so we headed to the little park in their neighborhood. It was a beautiful, albeit warm, day so D & Craig played baseball with Caleb while the girls and babies sat on blankets on the grass.

That evening we got together at my parents' house for tacos. I used that opportunity to get a few more pictures of the babies. Here's Kate:

And here's Anna and Kate in the cradle that my great-uncle Glen made that my sisters and I used when we were babies.

Saturday, Lindsay & Craig stayed at home for most of the day while Carrie, Mom, Anna and I went shopping. I had some things I needed to do at the mall and they accompanied me. They bought nothing - I bought lots of great stuff - thankfully mostly with gift cards or returns. We got together on Saturday night again as a family - this time for hamburgers and hot dogs. The weather was still gorgeous and remained so throughout the weekend and through yesterday. Today looks promising, too.

Sunday was wonderful. Worship in the morning, then Happy Panda for lunch with my family and some great friends. During lunch, Carrie and Chris talked about how little Anna let them sleep the night before. I jokingly said "I'll take her for the afternoon so you guys can get some sleep," to which Carrie jokingly said "Ok sounds good, take her". Then she said "You know, you could if you really wanted to". So, that's what we did! D & I loaded her little carseat (that, oddly enough, weighs 75 lbs) into our car and took her to my parents' house for the afternoon. She was such a good girl. D & I played with her for quite a while and she was happy and smiley.

Here she is smiling at Uncle D:

I have video of her, too, but that will have to wait. This post is already out of control.

Sunday night we were thinking we'd head back home after evening worship services but Craig invited us over to see Kate one last time and I couldn't say no to that.
Kate & D (can you tell I'm the only one who ever thinks to grab the camera?), Caleb & Anna, and Chris with a very unhappy Anna.

We headed home Sunday night around 9:15 which means we got in around midnight. D unloaded the car then we both crashed. Yesterday was spent doing random things around the house. I think I should feel like I got a lot done but I dont' feel that way. My house still feels like a mess.

My parents, Chris, Carrie, and their kids are coming up this weekend since some of the ladies at church are throwing me a shower. I'm really looking forward to this weekend for both of those reasons.

This post is ridiculously long so I'm going to cut it off now. Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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Laurie said...

in a little while you're going to be wishing you were still pregnant. NO. I mean it! you'll be super tired and complaining about getting up a lot at night... your boobies will be sore... yeah. all of that. so take this time to just unwind and relax. enjoy the peace and quiet cuz soon SHE'S going to be letting everyone know she's here and who's boss. :)

Jennifer said...

aww babies galore! Glad you had a good weekend. Spend the next few weeks relaxing to the max.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I;m over it, too. Very very over it.

Mainly a midwife said...

Sounds like a wonderful family filled weekend. Love all the baby pix. Hope you get a chance to put your feet up!!!

PamperingBeki said...

I'm a miserable pregnant lady so I can relate.

What adorable pictures!

Micah said...

What fun times. You know, it seems like I was always the "last one" to give birth, and it makes you so SO ready! It's like, everyone has their baby except you. Not fair! It will happen soon!!!