Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Granddad!

Why do I feel such guilt when I miss a day or two of posting? I think it must be residual from my March "I'll-post-every-day" stint, because I feel like I need to post every day.

First, I want to give a big shout-out to my Granddad who is celebrating his ::mrrsphfphs:: birthday today! Happy birthday, Granddad! And while I'm at it, happy Cinco de Mayo!

I have to say that it's a nasty day here. Nasty, nasty. Windy, pelting rain, gray, dark, depressing. Plus the I-90 floating bridge has the carpool lanes closed for a few weeks so I got to sit in traffic for a bit today in the wind and pelting rain. I left my house at 6:15 to pick up my carpool partner so we could hopefully get a head start on the traffic. It only worked a little.

I should tell you that we picked a paint color for the nursery. I'm so excited about it, too, I can't wait for D to slap the paint on the wall tonight! It's none of the colors that I previously showed you and to save myself from opinions that might alter the newfound confidence I have in my decorating abilities, I'm going to reveal the color when I reveal the nursery. Hoping to have the nursery completely done by the first of June. Hoping to have the paint, baseboards, chair rail, and furniture done by next weekend. Hoping.

I should mention that Amelia has found my ribs. She doesn't really kick them, she just manages to lodge her knee or foot right underneath them. It really hurts. I'm able to massage that body part (whatever it is) away from my ribs and, like a good little girl, she stays away. She's only hurt me a few times so far.

Last night we took a tour with our childbirth class of the hospital where we'll deliver. It wasn't a fun tour. Mostly because I was embarassed the entire time of how loud some of the people in our class were being while we were walking through the halls. One woman's door was open and she was holding her new baby. Some people literally stopped in front of her door and gaped at her. SERIOUSLY!? Give the woman some privacy! Also, it was hot on the recovery room floor. Crowd 22 people (11 of them being pregnant and having hot flashes anyway) into a tiny, overheated recovery room and it's like a furnace. I just took a drink of water because I was getting overheated just thinking about it again. The remodeled rooms were nice and I'll definitely be using the jacuzzi tub when I'm there.

Could someone please be a lamb and bring me a decaf, grande, extra caramel sauce, extra hot caramel macchiato, please? I don't want to walk to Starbucks in the rain today. Okay, thanks.

Oh, and just because I can, here are my favorite kiddos:

Happy Tuesday!

6 comments commented:

Alicia_B said...

I love the picture - they are too cute!

Noah said...

I'm glad you have a tub available to you. IMO, laboring in water is awesome. It really helps.

And your neice and nephew are such cuties!

Oh, and with you on the ribs. My little one has his/her head against my left hip and bottom under my right rib. Sometimes the feet kick up as well. All of my pregnancies the baby has been positioned like this towards the end, until they dropped. It is no fun, I feel your pain!

Leah said...

I'm sure the paint color is perfect!

Diane said...

A jacuzzi??! WOW. Sounds like a nice facility.

Hope Amelia decides she doesn't like ribs afterall. My daughter used to push her fist into the crease between my torso and upper left thigh. I couldn't bend my leg at the hip. And I didn't know they could go down that far!

Micah said...

the kiddos are so cute! Caleb is a good big brother!

Isn't that awful with Amelia under your rib? Isaiah did that alot. He ended up kicking where it felt like it was on my hip! You think I might have had a clue he was breech. But no. :)

liz wilcox said...

love that picture of them! They are too cute!

Can't wait to see the paint color!