Thursday, May 28, 2009

Doctor Appt & Baby Balooga

Here's the "mixed company" report on my doctor appointment yesterday.

First, since I'm on rotation with the doctors in that office I had a different doctor this time instead of my normal one. She is one Chatty Cathy! Our appt was at 3:15, we got shown into a room at about 3:20 or so, and then the doctor didn't get in there until almost 4!! We could hear her in the next room chit-chatting with patients then later taking a call in the hallway and talking to someone about a woman's induction. She was really nice and personable but I'm glad she's not my doctor. All that waiting at every appointment would probably drive me a little crazy.

She is almost 100% sure that I have gall bladder issues and will most likely need to have it removed soon after the baby comes. She ordered some lab work to make sure my liver is functioning properly and also ordered other labwork that I wish I knew what it was exactly but I just know it's to make sure I'm not pre-eclamptic. My swelling is ridiculous and she was "troubled" by it when she looked/felt my feet. Really, she just had to look at my face - my nose usually doesn't spread out this way to take up half of it. Also, my fingers aren't usually the girth of sausage links and it used to be very common to be able to see the bone of my wrist. Baby Balooga.

Now, I know I'm a woman and women aren't typically the most forth-coming about their weight. Rest assured you won't be hearing any numbers, but my rapid weight gain was also a concern to the doctor...and I hope it's mostly water retention. Through week 18 I gained nothing. All of a sudden in 2 months I packed on 25 pounds. 25. 2-5. I have 5 weeks left...just sayin'.

The odd part is that my blood pressure is great. 110/70 yesterday. Hence, the bloodwork. Hopefully we'll figure out what's going on soon.

:::going to refill my water bottle:::
(that's for D since he said he doesn't see me drinking a lot at home. Honey, I've already had 24 oz today)

The doctor confirmed that Amelia is head down and low in my "nice, roomy" pelvis. Belly measured at 35/36 weeks and baby's heartbeat was 160bpm. Nice and healthy...good girl.

I've been playing the Oasis song "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" for Amelia in the car when I'm on the way to/from work. They say Classical music is good for the baby's brain development. I wonder what a little Oasis can do besides send her subliminal messages about her crying.

My parents will be in town around 5:30/6pm tonight. Very excited about that even though my house is a wreck. I don't think I've been nesting because I've had to force myself to organize, but I took all the junk out of my back guest room closet and now it's all over the floor. It's organized, but it's on the floor. So, I have to stick it all in plastic bins tonight as well as dust, vacuum (which, D actually does for me), clean bathrooms, make beds, etc, etc, etc. The nursery won't be ready completely but that's just the way it is.

My birthday completely snuck up on me this year. I've been so busy focusing on the birth of nieces and the impending birth of my own baby that all of a sudden my birthday was Monday. Normally that wouldn't be a big deal, but when you have a twin sister and you forget about your birthday then that becomes a problem. But, I found a wonderful solution that I think she will love. She'll be up here with her hubby and their adorable kiddos tomorrow night. I'm going to try out a dessert recipe that she sent me. If it's a success, I'll post pictures.

I really need to get to work. I have a lot to do today. Happy Thursday!

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Sarah said...

LOL! Happy Belated Birthday! I can imagine that will only get worse as you get busier once Amelia gets here. I also imagine I may forget my brother's & my birthday sometime down the road.

Jennifer said...

oops! Happy Belated Birthday. I can't believe you had to wait that long for your doctor. Goodness. Hope all of your organs function properly. I'm sure it'd be a pain to have surgery after a baby. There's just so much going on with you!
Very optomisitic song you're playing for Amelia. Maybe she'll be a mellow happy baby. :o)

Alicia_B said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope everything turns out ok with your tests!

Liz said...

Baby Balooga. You crack me up.
Happy belated b-day!

Jenny said...

Well, you're in good company...we love Baby Balooga here at our house. :)

You're the 9th person I know or have heard of who has had to have her gall bladder removed shortly after delivering a baby (me, included). They say the hormones from pregnancy produce gall stones.

~*Hess Family*~ said...

Jamie, I hope all the tests go well. I too did not gain a single pound until 20 weeks and ended up gaining a total of 38! EEK! But all ended up ok. Take care and I hope these last few weeks go by fast for you. They seemed an eternity for me.