Thursday, April 30, 2009

Belly Progression & Nursery Paint (need opinions again)

Funny facts:

The other day I couldn't remember my personal email address (is it plural or singular?). Today I couldn't remember my work phone number (is 2072 really my extension?).

So I'm 31 weeks today. If you're reading this on Friday, pretend it's Thursday. I haven't been the absolute best at remembering to take belly pictures, but I think I have a pretty fair collection so far. I made up a little progression page to see how far I've come. I realize I didn't make a lot of progress between 29 and 31 weeks. Or maybe I did - I've gotten a lot of comments from people in the last few days about how pregnant I look. "Uh, thanks. I think."

I love how my rump is seemingly pushing the text out of the picture in the "31 weeks" slot. Nice. That picture was just taken this evening.

Moooo-ving on (Yes, I feel THAT big).

D & I went to Lowe's and bought some paint samples. 5, to be exact.

This is just "Berry Taffy"...I know it's hard to see.

This is "Spring Glow", "Berry Taffy" and "Spring Meadow".

This is "Berry Taffy" with "Spring Glow" and "Spring Meadow" stripes

This is my nightmare. Not the "Fragrant Lilac" - I love that color, actually. But, the "Peach Tea" me when I say I sincerely believed it would be much, much lighter than that. I had to go with a more orangy yellow to match the bedding but I didn't realize it would be so dark! So, that's an automatic "no, thank you".

All of these paints are Valspar...we loooove Valspar.

So, imagine a white chair rail in the room and tell me what you think. Like? Hate? Any combinations you prefer? Do you like a single color by itself? Do you think I need a different shade of any of them? Am I WAY off?

Also, our walls aren't as heavily textured as I thought. Stripes would be fine. D just doesn't want to do them and is resisting with every ounce of effort he has...and that says something because usually his response to my every whim is "Whatever you want" (I say that with only the slightest exaggeration - he spoils me). He's a perfectionist and he's afraid the stripes will come out crooked and that the painters tape won't prevent bleeds so it will look terrible. If you have any stripe advice (if you think stripes are a good way to go), then please let me know!

Can you tell I have little confidence in my decorating ability? I heavily rely on the opinions of others in these matters because, while I know what I DON'T like, I always am afraid that I'm not thinking of everything and even if I find something I like I wonder if someone else could think of something I'd like better. So, offer away!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Micah said...

The picture with the stripes reminds me of Claire's room - that is almost exactly how Adam and Rosie did her walls! I think the "berry taffy" goes well, but I don't know that it's enough contrast. I was thinking more of a pale color of sage green. I think your greens are a little too bright. Maybe take in the bedding and have them match the lightest green in the leaves, then back it off a couple shades.

I'm with D on the stripes. They look great, but they are a PAIN! We did them in Kate's room and wished we hadn't. Plus your bedding is so cute you really don't need the busyness to take away from it!

If you wanted to do two different colors I would say that berry taffy on top and "the chosen color" on the bottom. I still think a *pale* sky blue would be nice since the bedding is kind of an outdoor scene. I'm anxious to hear what others say, and can't wait to see what you decide! It's going to look great!!!

BTW, what ever happened with the Pottery Barn nest?

Jennifer said...

YOu have some great choices! Either of the green colors look great, and that fragrant lilac color is also pretty. I think you could make any of those color combinations work or just go with one, and it would look great. Maybe you could do two walls a green, and the other two the lilac?

Regardless, they're great colors. Looking forward to seeing what you decide!

Noah said...

I would forgo the stripes. It would take forever, and being a perfectionist myself, if I did them and there was a flaw it would drive me crazy every time I went in the room!

I would probably do one of the darker greens below the chair rail and a very pale light green above (paler than the one in the sample by a couple of shades).

Kyle, Courtney & Taylor said...

Have you been to I loved looking at all the baby nurseries to get ideas for ours. Since there are birds in the bedding,

I could see tree branches and birds painted on a wall like this:
You are so talented, I bet you can paint that free hand!

Look how cute this picket fence is:
I'd be worried about the safety of a real one on the walls, and would maybe try to paint one?

This is a combo of the tree & the picket fence. It seems kind of busy, but maybe with lighter colors, it could be cute?

Anonymous said...

Love all the colors you chose! I especially like the lightest green you like. I think the pale pink is pretty too!

I think the stripes are too busy with your bedding... IMO. It's going to be gorgeous... can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

Jennifer said...

I like the sping glow and lilac. I think the berry taffy would be overbearing once the whole room is painted.
I do like the stripes but am a perfectionist like D and I just know stripes would get messed up somehow. Then I'd notice it everytime I went in there.
I don't like the pink. I'm not a pink kinda girl plus I think with the sheets its too much pink
Can't wait to see the end result!

Mainly a midwife said...

Love your belly pictures! You are looking great! I love how the bigger my belly gets (32 weeks this Sat) the small my butt looks :)

Nancy Girl said...

I really like the Spring Meadow. It is a nice pop of color that I bet the baby will like looking at. Clint loves bright colors and just stares at them. Well that an light. Glad to hear you are doing well. Can't wait to see pictures once the baby is here. This last bit will fly by as you are getting ready.

Nancy Girl said...

p.s. I love your blogspot template. Where can I get others like it?

The Pink Potpourri said...

great idea...thanks so much! i'm on my way to check out your registry right now. based on knowing you "blogwise", i think we have a lot in common with style and taste!

Diane said...

Love the progression of belly pix!

The light green and the lilac look very nice. I've heard great frustration about stripes, so I haven't tried it. I do like the idea of one wall being a different color to coordinate.

Jenny said...

Love those tummy pictures!