Monday, June 1, 2009


So I misled you, but not intentionally. Today 28 years ago is the day my sister and I were born. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday weekend. Some ladies at church threw a baby shower for me yesterday and my mom and sister wanted to be here for it so my parents came up Thursday night and my sister and her little family came up on Friday night. My mom made me a german chocolate cake with homemade frosting on Friday and it was delicious. You know I had a great weekend when I don't have many pictures to show you. Normally I have my camera out at all times but I just forgot to break it out this weekend!

On Saturday I woke up at 7am for some reason and Carrie was already up with Anna. My dad was just getting back with donuts (YUM!), and Caleb was wanting to watch cartoons. I loved my Anna time this weekend - she's getting so big already. Before the girls left to go shopping on Saturday afternoon, my mom and dad let us open one of our birthday gifts. Carrie and I each got a pair of really cute Mary Jane Crocs. I know that doesn't sound like it would make a lot of sense, but they're VERY cute and super comfy. You don't want to see my feet right now, but here's what my pair looks like:

I'm wearing them now and love them. They're so roomy even though my feet are triple the size they usually are.

Anna slept for the entire 5 hour shopping was amazing. While we were at Nordstrom, my mom bought Carrie and me the cutest clips. I've worn mine 3 times just since Saturday...I love it! It's one of those clips that seems like it would be a great heirloom piece so I hope to pass it down to Amelia when she's 35 and can handle the responsibility. :) Before you're critical of my photo, try taking a picture of a little hairpiece while it's in your hair. It's not too easy!

Saturday evening we had our birthday dinner at Maggiano's. When we got there we were shown to a small banquet room with about 8 10-seater tables. We were the only ones in there and it was wonderful. Then a group with 2 young children was shown in. Then another group with about 5 young children was shown in. How did we get the "kids" section? Either way, it was a really yummy dinner even if we had to save our talking for when we got home so we could hear each other!

This is my cute twin with the dessert I made for her. You'll die when you find out what it's made out of. The bottom layer is chocolate chip cookie, then a layer of Cool Whip, cream cheese, and confectioners' sugar mixed together, then a layer of chocolate pudding, then a layer of Cool Whip to top it off. I added mini chocolate chips in lieu of nuts and chocolate shavings. I'll post better pictures and the recipe tomorrow. It was good, although not as good as the cake my mom made for me. Carrie would disagree...she wanted to take her dessert home with her and we tried to get her to borrow one of our coolers but she refused. She said she'd make it at home, so I hope she does. I'm sure D will polish off what's left of the one I made.

So, as I said, Sunday afternoon after church was my baby shower. People were so generous - it was amazing. We got a lot of great stuff and D is doubtful that it will all fit where it needs to go. I'll admit I have a lot of organizing to do, but I'm hoping to start getting Amelia's clothes washed this weekend so I can put things away where they will really go.

I am going to get the pictures from the shower from my sister-in-law and take photos of the gifts and I'll do a separate post about that soon.

Tonight after work I'll go pick up D from work and we'll head to PF Changs for my birthday dinner and then we have our last childbirth class tonight. I can't believe it's already over and that in 4 short weeks I'll be at the end of my 40 weeks growing this little girl. I can't wait to meet her. This morning, D woke me up with a birthday card and a wrapped gift. I used to wear Clinique Happy all of the time but in the last couple of years I just haven't thought to buy any more. I put it on my birthday wish list that I send to D and he bought it for me. I'm wearing it now and love it!

The next few weeks are going to be insane but I'll try to post often. Have a wonderful first week of June!

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Jennifer said...

I'm not a big fan of crocs, but those shoes are really really cute and look super comfortable!! I'll have to see if I can find some around here.

And the dessert sounded amazingly delicious. Happy birthday to you and your sister! (o:

Leah said...

Happy birthday!!

Man, Crocs sure have come a long way in the looks department!

Mainly a midwife said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!!!! It's funny because right before I checked your blog I JUST called my best friend from college to wish her a happy birthday (today) too.
I have another friend in Seattle whose birthday is today.

liz wilcox said...

Those crocs are SO stinkin cute! Nothing like cute/comfy shoes when you're closing in on 40 weeks to make you feel pretty! :)

Happy Birthday! I'm so excited that your family got to come up for it. Sounds like the shower was really nice. I can't wait to see pictures!

Diane said...

I'm in sugar shock just reading about your sister's dessert! Wowee!

Cute shoes. When you're pregnant, you really can't pamper your feet enough. I'm so sorry to hear about all your swelling!