Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl weekend in Oregon

We had a great weekend down in Oregon with my family. Carrie retouched my highlights on Friday night at her house right when we got in to town which was really nice considering she hates doing hair at her house instead of the salon. But, I know she hates to see my roots even more (as do I!).

The cake topper for Caleb's cake didn't arrive in time. It's a long story, but basically I ordered it on January 20 and unknowingly allowed PayPal to pay with an echeck which takes a few days to "clear". The girl said she wouldn't ship it until the payment cleared. At 5am on Friday the 23rd I received notification from PayPal that my payment had cleared. I emailed the cake topper girl and she said she'd send it out on Monday. Initially I thought "What about TODAY?!" but because it was 1-3 day shipping I didn't sweat it too much. Thursday the 29th rolls around and I still hadn't received it so I emailed the girl that morning. She didn't email me until that night and told me that because of the ice storm she wasn't able to mail it out until THAT DAY! I told her I was disappointed because I had specifically told her that I needed the topper by the 30th and that she could have let me know on Monday if she wasn't able to get it out that day so I could make other arrangements. She apologized and said that if I don't receive it in time that when I do receive it to not open it and just mark "Return to Sender" and she'll send me my money back. So, it was in the mail last night when we checked it after getting home from Oregon. So, I put it right back in the mail.

I'm disappointed but Caleb really liked his cake even if I thought it looked ghetto. His only stipulations from the beginning were that it was a Star Wars Lego cake and that it had Star Wars Lego men and a Star Wars ship on it.

Ignore the crazy handwriting, I had a really thin decorating tip to work with and the frosting would NOT stick to the graham crackers!

Caleb first seeing the cake and a closeup of the cake:

The kids played "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" and watched Caleb open his presents.

Saturday night we went to dinner (thanks Mom & Dad!) and then played a rousing game of Dominoes before heading to bed. Sunday morning after church my mom had invited 2 couples over to watch the Super Bowl with our family. Since our friend Sarah was part of one of those couples, we decided to ask her ahead of time if she would mind taking pictures of my sisters and me and our swollen bellies. She happily agreed (which, we're thankful for because she is a really great photographer!). So right after chili and before the Super Bowl she snapped some shots of my sisters and me and then some of us with our husbands. They turned out really well so I'll post those tomorrow!

D & I got back to our house last night around 9:50pm, unpacked, and went straight to bed. Even though we got in bed by 11, I didn't fall asleep until after 1am. I've been having a really hard time trying to get comfortable. Before I got pregnant I was a stomach and back sleeper. Not anymore! So, it's taking some adjusting but I'll figure it out eventually!

Hope you had a good weekend - happy Monday!

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Micah said...

Caleb's cake turned out so cute! And he LOVED it! I can tell!!! What a sweet little boy.