Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Random Things

I haven't posted much because I haven't felt like it. Really. I have another blog where they're guessing the gender but since I have a poll on this blog then I really don't see the point in an extra post for that on here. I have my big u/s on Tuesday which I'm REALLY excited about. Surprisingly, even though I've told everyone that my gut feeling is "girl", many are saying "boy". I'd be thrilled with either.

Ok, 25 random things.

1. Before we met, my husband sent me a message on I didn't respond. We met through his sister and a mutual friend 6 months later.

2. Usually my favorite drink at Starbucks is a decaf, grande, extra hot, extra caramel sauce Caramel Machiatto. In the summer, it's that drink on ice.

3. My sister and I are "mirror-image twins". She has sciatic pain in her pregnancy on her right side whereas I have it on my left side.

4. My husband is more of a neat freak than I am, but also holds on to things for longer. He'll put my shoes in the closet if they're laying around but he won't get rid of a shirt he hasn't worn in 10 years. We're a good match.

5. I don't sing in the shower.

6. I always put my sweatpants on when I get home from work. I usually don't change my shirt.

7. I don't really like to cook but I love to bake. I often wish I were more creative in the kitchen.

8. If my hair is up in a ponytail, it means I didn't wash it that day. I only wash it every other day.

9. I lotion my hands and arms every day when I get to work.

10. Buying anything for my house stresses me out - I don't like to spend money on decorative things. First, because I don't like spending money. Second, because I don't think I have good decorating taste.

11. I'm terrible about my cell phone. I rarely have it on loud enough to hear it and when I do I usually don't answer it. This drives my husband crazy.

12. I'm terrible about my debit card. I have lost it twice in the last 6 months.

13. I'm very bad about packing myself a lunch. I'm kind of bad about packing a lunch for D, too, depending on if we had leftovers from dinner the night before. If we didn't, I forget to pack him something else. For myself, I usually keep peanut butter and bread and some snacks at my desk. It's never what I want but I eat it anyway because I need to eat.

14. I'll tell you I'm organized but I'm not. It comes and goes in spurts.

15. If I had more blogger readers/commenters then I'd post more often. I love the readers I do have, doubt.

16. I've always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher.

17. I don't like flying or road trips. I hope someday they invent a teleport system - I'd love to be able to snap my fingers and just be where I need to be.

18. D & I cannot agree on baby names. We can't - I think it's impossible. Our kid is going to be named Itsa Baby Baldwin.

19. I'm going to take a break right now and go to Starbucks with my coworker. I'll be able to think more clearly when that steaming beverage is in my hand.

20. I'm back. A stranger in the elevator asked me how far along I am. First time that's happened - guess I look pregnant to others and not just fat.

21. I get to work between 7 & 7:15 every weekday.

22. I hit the snooze button at least 3 times every morning.

23. I have a view of the Puget Sound from my office window. My very favorite sight is in the morning when it's still dark and I can see the ferry boats skimming across the water with their lights glowing.

24. I knit...and I'm an amateur.

25. I have picked up several books in the last year but have only finished about half of them.

Those weren't very interesting facts, but there you have it. My brain doesn't really work before 4pm...especially now.

I'm so excited/anxious for Tuesday that I can hardly stand it.

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Noah said...

I'm with you on #10. I just can't bring myself to spend money on frivolous things like decorations (but I have no issue buying tons of scrapbooking stuff and sewing stuff, LOL!)

As for pregnancy pain, I had horrible pain in my hips and back with Will's pregnancy. My OB said there was nothing to do. With Lorinc I had the same pain, mentioned it to my midwife, who recommended I go see a Chiropractor who did maternity adjustments. I was skeptical, but within 2 visits I felt 100% better and was for the most part pain free. I actually need to go back in now! But I'm switching chiros for one close to Will's school for convenience, and I hate meeting new medical type people! I'm such a bad procrastinator!

Leah said...

My organizational skills come and go too. It's annoying.

Leah said...

Oh, and I have a picture of the Puget Sound from my grandmother's old house on my blog right now!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I am ready for your ultrasound, too! Aren't your other 2 sisters having girls? How bizarre if you do, too! This starbucks of which you speak - is it the original? I still can't believe I was RIGHT BY where you work this summer. So crazy.

Mainly a midwife said...

I'm excited for your ultrasound. Then you can start on your fun nursery selection stuff!!!
I'm a knitter too..also an amateur. I've only done baby blankets and partially done one baby sweater (little did I know that I picked a hard button up v-neck sweater pattern and my mom had to finish it for me).

Diane said...

I really enjoyed your random things! I don't sing in the shower either. I used to... what happened? Maybe I stopped when I bought a mattress with my tax refund ;)

Can't wait 'til Tuesday!