Thursday, February 26, 2009

Slow News Day

So, the reason I haven't posted pictures of the bathroom is because I forgot about an over-the-toilet cabinet we bought that D still needs to mount. He's going to do that this weekend and then the bathroom will be semi-complete - at least ready for pictures! I really love it. It's SUCH an improvement over what was there before.

I love my laundry room, too, although it's not even close to completion. D wants to put in new floors (NOT tile!) and probably more countertop space for me which I'm really excited about. Our laundry room is rather large and will act as a sort of mud room, too.

We got 3" of snow in the Renton highlands last night and into this morning. My carpool partner and I decided to wait until about 8:15 to try to get in. Mostly because traffic was horrendous early in the morning and it's just not worth the mess. D went in with his carpool partner at 6:30 and it took him twice the amount of time that it usually does to get to work.

The snow is probably gone now - it's beautiful and sunny outside.

I know I have readers that read and don't comment (even though I wish you would!), but for those of you who do comment (or those of you who are reformed lurkers and wish to start commenting) ....

Ask me anything. I promise to answer it (unless I don't want to).

Really, that's all I've got on this slow news day :)

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Leah said...

I heard this morning on the news that the Cascades are supposed to get major snow tonight. Why they were covering the Cascades on the local news here, I don't know.

And since you answered my question already (about the bathroom), besides being a mom and all that, what would your dream job be?

Melissa M said...

I read you blog all the time, I just don't comment every time. Sorry! I'll try to do better!

As for a question..... when are we going to get together again??????????????????????

Diane said...

Re: your snow, WOW.

I always enjoy your blog and the way you tell stories. My question is, So far, what has been the most surprising thing about your pregnancy?