Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby showers, births, & fat cats

27 weeks - I'm officially a 3rd trimesterererer.

Very excited about the 3rd trimester because that means she'll be here very soon - her due date is exactly 3 months from today!

Our Oregon trips might be a little dicey coming up. My younger sister, Lindsay's, baby shower is on my twin sister, Carrie's, due date. Ideally we would love to make it for both...but birth of baby trumps baby shower so we'll have to see how the logistics play out. Carrie already gave me "permission" to miss the birth if Anna comes early and just see her when we come down for Lindsay's shower, but I missed Caleb's birth because I was living in Chicago and I always hated that. It would be great if Carrie went into labor the day after Lindsay's shower...then everyone could make the shower and D and I could be there for Anna's birth. Unfortunately, the 6 hour round trip is a little too much to do in less than a week's time if Anna came a week before Lindsay's shower.

Okay, sorry to ramble.

If we can make it for Lindsay's shower, I'm going to try to make these from Bakerella's site since Lindsay has a lamb theme going on. I bet they won't look even half as good as these, but I hope to give it a shot!

I have recently discovered It's a lot like in that they have a new "steal" every day, only BabySteals is, obviously, about Baby only! Today, I purchased the red & white one of these:

I'm so excited! Slings are usually pretty pricey (hence the "regularly $64"), especially The Peanut Shell slings.

Now on to other things. D took the cats to the vet this morning. This in and of itself is a feat considering last time he couldn't even get them into the carriers. They scratched him so badly that he was bleeding up and down his arms, so the vet was forfeited last time. This morning was non-negotiable. They're getting their front paws declawed. I don't want to hear about the inhumanness of this - we know and have wrestled with the pros and cons. What would be more inhumane is if one of the cats scratched my baby girl (the fact that they scratch up our carpet and furniture is another less accepted reason). I'm not a cat person, I'll freely admit to that. If it were up to me we would have given them to another family who would love them in all their obese glory. But, I understand and appreciate that they're my husband's babies - he does love them and want them around. Our vet takes extremely good care of the cats and is keeping them under close watch until Saturday morning. We're thankful for that. When the cats get home on Saturday I will post pictures of them for you because I'm sure you don't believe me that they're obese. Just wait.

I actually have work to do today so I better get to it.

Next week:
- The fat cats
- The beautiful cherry blossom pashmina from Mom & Dad
- The adorable Mariner's outfit for Amelia from David's sweet aunt
- Recipes. Yes, recipes. Mmmm...

The vet didn't feel comfortable declawing the cats. D is going to get more information when he goes to pick up the cats today, but basically they're too fat and would have a hard recovery because of their fatness.

Halcy = 18 lbs
Hailey = 25 (!!!!) lbs

D said he's going to put them on a restricted diet and try to get them down to a healthier weight and then maybe we can have them declawed.

I don't want them in the same house as my baby if they still have their claws so I don't know how we'll work through that. I already hate that they shed on everything and my house *never* feels clean enough.

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Jennifer said...

I'm curious what those little lambs are mad of. I couldnt' figure it out!

And I hope you can make all of the fun events - but I'd want to be there for the birth too I think.

My cousin has the fattest cat I've ever seen. Her name is Twinkie and boy does she live up to that name. Fat cats crack me up. (o:

Jenn_in_Memphis said...

Word of advice from someone who has worked at an animal hospital and cared for just about every animal possible.

Feed your cats one cup of food a day. Thats 1/2 a cup each. Don't let them have any human food or treats. Have two bowls, so one doesn't hog all the food when you first feed them every day.

I personally have my two cats on that diet and they are very athletic.

Jamie @ Baldwin Bungalow said...

^ ^ Thanks, Jenn. That's the diet the vet recommended, too. Oddly enough, we don't give them human food at all so they're getting fat off their cat food alone!

Diane said...

Great deal on the baby sling.

Sorry to hear about the cat dilemma. The vet just told me that our dog is 5 lbs overweight (at 28 lbs) and that's like 50 human lbs! Guess she gets longer runs now that spring is here!

Looking forward to fat cat pix :)

forever folding laundry said...

I just LOVE Bakerella!! I would love to try some of her pops but fear I don't have the patience for it!

Sorry about the cat thing. When Riley was an infant we ended up getting rid of our cat after she kept jumping into his crib. =( I was afraid she'd do it while he was in there. Good luck!


Noah said...

Babysteals is so addicting! I'm glad I was out of town for the peanut shell deal because I would have been really tempted. And I already have WAY too many baby carriers!