Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year in Review: 2008

The Lord has blessed me!

January 26
Having Caleb's birthday party at our house and seeing his reaction to the Batman cake I made for him.

March 22
Surprising my Mom like she's never been surprised before by throwing her a 50th birthday party!

March 27-30
Having Caleb come stay with us all by himself for a whole weekend! So much fun!

May 2-6
Chicago trip in May to see great friends and some family, too!

July 23-26
Oregon coast trip in July with my parents, sisters, their husbands, my sweet nephew, my grandparents, and my aunt and her kids

August 19-23
Vegas trip with my sisters and their husbands. Vegas was eh, but we had a great time together!

September 6
Pickling with my sweet mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Mmmmm!

October 14
Celebrating 2 years of marriage with my wonderful husband at The Melting Pot.

October 21
Hands-down the best moment of 2008 - finding out that my amazing husband is going to be an amazing dad. Baby Baldwin due July 2, 2009!

October 30
Telling my husband's parents that they're going to be grandparents for the first time and telling his sister and brother-in-law that they're going to be aunt and uncle!

October 31
Telling my parents that they're going to have another grandchild. My mom's reaction of "Are you serious?" then covering her face with her hands and sobbing will forever be tattooed on my brain.
Some of my other top moments of 2008 were when my sisters both announced their pregnancies. Since I couldn't remember the exact dates, I'm just going to mention it here. So exciting that we're all pregnant at the same time. My mom called the weekend that we told them we were pregnant "emotionally exhausting" (in a good way!)...they'll now have a grandchild born in April, another in May, and another in July. The only picture I have is of Caleb in his Darth Vader costume...

November 14
Seeing our baby for the first time and hearing that heart beat at 141bpm

November 18
Carrie and Chris are having a GIRL!

November 27
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Baldwin family and the Dawsons.
This is where the pictures get a little dicey. For some reason neither D nor I have felt the motivation to pick up the camera at family events lately. I think we're just soaking it in too much to have a lense in front of our face :)

December 17
Lindsay and Craig are having a GIRL!

December 20
"Arctic Blast" hits the Seattle area. D put out bird seed after seeing so many birds in the trees and they definitely appreciated it. They kept coming back. You can kind of see their little prints in the snow... There are two birds in this picture, but many are out of my camera's view under the window where D put the container of seed.

December 22
We got to see our baby again...this time he/she was looking a lot more human. Cute, even! Heart beating strong at 162bpm.

December 23-28
We had a really wonderful time with my family for Christmas. My parents gave us, among other things, a Blu Ray player per couple. We opened those gifts then gave Dad his gift from all of us - the exact same Blu Ray player! In the time we were in Oregon, we ate (a lot!), played games, and went to see 2 movies: "Bolt" and "Marley & Me". If you go see Marley & Me, take tissues. If you go see Marley & Me and you've ever had a dog you loved dearly, take 2 boxes of tissues. If you go see Marley & Me and you're the spouse of a pregnant woman who has owned a dog, make sure she has 2 boxes of tissues then give her your 2 boxes, too.

Today at work is relatively quiet. Many people are out today. Tomorrow we'll be going to D's parents' house for a belated Christmas. I'm really looking forward to it! Tonight we have a New Year's Eve party to attend after a singing at church and hopefully I don't have to play the pregnancy card at the party so I can get home and in bed.

I realize I've probably missed many things in my review of 2008...if I remember some things then I'll definitely come back and add them.

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Debbie said...

This was such a wonderful post of beautiful memories.

I wish you and your hubby a very Happy New Year and many blessings as your beautiful family grows!

Blessings - Debbie

forever folding laundry said...

What a great year! And 2009 will hopefully be even better! Happy New Year.

Mainly a midwife said...

Truly a great year..but I have a feeling 2009 will be hard to beat ;)

Diane said...

Recap well done! Classic surprised Mom photo!! Happy New Year!

Sweet Simplicity said...

You have had quite a year! I love the look on your mom's face when you surprised her. Its priceless!

Deborah said...

What a great year - and congrats on the pregnancy!! (I obviously haven't been very good at visiting blogs - you'll get that way later in your pregnancy!!) 2 of my sisters and my sister in law have all given birth in the last 5 months - I'm the last one to have a baby, but it will be 4 in 6 months. It's going to be so much fun to watch them all grow up together, even though they all have boys and I'm having a girl!