Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hello, Sensodyne

I literally ate pickles and ice cream for dinner a couple of nights ago. Thinking about it right now doesn't do great things for my appetite. Last night I made Poppyseed Chicken for dinner which was my first attempt at making a "real" meal for David since I've been pregnant. Sad, I know. I ended up eating a bowl of cereal instead of the chicken last night, but I got bonus wife points for making my husband green peas even though I despise green peas with a fiery passion.

I went to the dentist yesterday afternoon. Never a fun experience, but especially awful when you're pregnant and your gums are extra sensitive and extra likely to bleed. Apparently I have "pregnancy gingivitis" and one of my roots is exposed on my teeth which is probably why it hurts to brush. Either way, the dentist is not a fun place to go even though the staff are all very friendly. However, I did want to rip the floss out of the hygenist's hands when she was flossing my teeth. She had just told me that I had "pregnancy gingivitis" and here she was digging the floss as far into my gums as humanly possible. I don't have to go back to the dentist until late July after the baby is born, but I can still smell the dentist's office. You know - the scent of flouride and latex. Gag.

In more positive news, I'll be 10 weeks tomorrow! Only a couple of more weeks until I am done with the first trimester. I'm ready!

I never made the Maple Scones. Sad.

Off to attempt to find something appetizing to eat. :)

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Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I am avoiding the dentist until AFTER the baby is born! AHHHH! Your story really scared me. Ouchies.

Noah said...

I had to do the dentist yesterday too. The *lovely* thing with pregnancy gingivitis is that it can stick around (though not as bad) as long as you're breastfeeding as well. I think my gums have been bad for nearly 5 years, but they are always way worse when I'm pregnant. I couldn't believe how red the floss was! Bleh! Oh, and it's caused by bacteria so you can share it with your hubby, though it's not as bad for them!

Diane said...

So sorry about that dentist visit - ouch!

Love the new banner! Cute cute.

Debbie said...

And here I am trying to make a Periodontol appointment as we speak! The office isn't open yet and the party going for the visit is not looking forward to it. UGH, This is no fun.

I'm in love with your Christmas background, it's BEAUTIFUL!

Liz said...

Sorry, I blanked out when I read the word dentist. I'll avoid those guys at any cost. Which will probably mean dentures by 40. :)

Vintage Mommy said...

Yes! I know that haunting smell of the dentist's office.

You'll love your second trimester...hang in there! :)