Monday, December 22, 2008

Ultrasound 12w4d

There are a lot of things I could post about. The 7"+ of snow we have at our house, the drive down to Oregon, the birds. But, today we were able to see our baby again and that takes precedence.

Healthy baby, measuring exactly where he/she should measure. 162bpm was the heart rate. D and I are completely and totally elated. The baby was literally jumping around in there and waving and kicking up a storm. It was so neat to see our own child moving around like that. I had orange juice at breakfast (was craving it like crazy) so maybe that's what did it.

The ultrasound technician gave us at least 10-12 photos of our baby, but for the sake of keeping my readers, I'm only sharing a few. The ultrasound technician did give us a guess on what gender she thought we were having, but for the sake of not driving ourselves crazy we're only sharing that information with immediate family. Once we know for sure then you will know!

This is the baby, head to rump. The tech told us that a black blob on the baby was the stomach and the baby was well-nourished. She could tell that the baby was full!

This is, obviously, the baby's open hand (a good sign). I just love this picture.

A closeup of the baby's profile - isn't that the sweetest nose you've ever seen!? There's also a foot thrown in the mix, too!

Well, D & I spent 4+ hours on the road today so we're exhausted. I'm going to head to bed. I'm really excited about spending this week down in Oregon and tomorrow we'll build a snowman with my nephew, Caleb. Fun, fun! My mom has already made 3 different kinds of treats with plans to make more. It's very festive with all the snow we've gotten the last week - and Portland got at least 10-12"!

Isn't family wonderful? I'm so blessed to have two wonderful families whom I love SO much!

Ok, enough for now. Maybe more later! :)

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Anonymous said...

Aww how sweet - thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas.

Jennifer said...

That's so fun that you can see their precious little face in there!! Looking forward to finding out who he or she is! Thanks for keeping us hangin'!! (o:

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

HOW FUN! :) Tell me what they think it is! I am dying!

Diane said...

BEAUTIFUL baby pix! I love when they wave at the camera :) Anxiously awaiting to hear whether it's a boy/girl... Either way, your plum baby is perfect! Enjoy some rest. I'm still just as tired as when my daughter was born 2 years ago ;)