Sunday, February 7, 2010

There's something wrong with this picture.

I pulled this book from Amelia's collection the other day to read it to her.

The illustrations are really nicely done...

I found out that the book has very few words, just pictures.  That's fine, I like making up my own words to the story.

If only the story wasn't about a completely irresponsible mother, who, in the real world, would have been arrested for child neglect and abandonment.

Um, lady?  Carl is your dog.  Or maybe the voices in your head told you that he's a human being, capable of caring for your infant.  I mean, I normally throw Amelia in a fish tank to see how she swims, too.  Totally normal.

"Better job than I could have done, Carl, especially when I'm not on my meds."

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Lisa said...

My kids love the Carl series. If you read other books, you'll learn that not only does the mom trust Carl, but so does everyone else in town. The pharmacist trusts Carl to deliver medications. The Vet trusts Carl to hold down other dogs for surgery, the firemen trust Carl to fight fires, etc. =) I need a dog like Carl.

Diane said...

You are right about this book. I've seen it. Someone GAVE it to me... and I felt guilty about offering it free at a yard sale. Guilty, because I wasn't sure anyone should really read/show this to their children!