Monday, February 1, 2010


Amelia and I are both sick.  Congested sinuses, runny nose, occasional cough.  Thanks to David I slept like a drugged baby last night (on Nyquil) and he got up with the baby the 3 times she woke up to eat.  I actually got up once (maybe twice - who knows, it was all a drug-induced blur) to nurse her back to sleep.

Sleep, tonight, is just not happening.

Ways David and I have tried to get her to sleep tonight:

- Rocking her (arches her back and squirms and screams)
- Nursing her (see above)
- Feeding her via a bottle (takes a few sips then...see above)
- Laying her in her crib, awake (no way.  Silly us)
- Getting out the swing and putting her in it (played with the toys on it for a few minutes then...see above)
- Giving her some Benadryl (for her nose, not to get her to sleep)

So, right now she's laying on our bed playing with the case for the thermometer.  Happy as a stinking lark.  Usually she'd let me nurse her and/or rock her to sleep but she's not having anything to do with sleep tonight.
Recent milestones she has hit:

- She now says "Dada" on a regular basis.  Everything is "dada", so I don't know that it counts as a first word, but she'll usually say it when prompted which means David definitely thinks it is her first word.  Either way, it's the cutest sound in the entire world.

- She screams.  I don't mean crying, I mean she just screams/screeches at the top of her voice just because she can.  I'm sure that will eventually get annoying, but for now it's the second cutest sound in the entire world.

- She's army-crawling.  She has never gotten on her hands and knees and rocked back and forth, but she gets where she wants to go by using her elbows and dragging the rest of her body along with her.  She'll move her legs, too, but more like a frog so I don't think they help her much. But, she can get across a room!

- She's done it for a week or two (maybe more), but I've noticed that not everything goes directly in her mouth anymore.  First she shakes it as hard as she can and if she has an object in her other hand, she bangs both objects together several times.  Then it goes in her mouth.  It's really neat to see her coordination get better.

- She coughs because we react.  She'll cough once and either David will say "Bless you!" or I'll just exclaim "Oh!" so she'll cough again and smile/laugh at our reactions.  She does this 3 or 4 times before getting bored with us.

I have spent some time reading previous posts I wrote before and directly following Amelia's birth.  I love those posts, mainly because I have forgotten a lot already and it's fun to look back and read some of those things.

Well, David is waiting on me to try once again to nurse Amelia and hopefully get her to sleep. 

We had a fun weekend in Oregon.  I did a lot of baking with my mom for a shower she co-hosted with another lady from church for a girl who is having triplets.  I was really looking forward to going to the shower but that's right after Amelia and I got sick.  My friend, Bev, graciously offered to take some photos of her baby, Lucy, and my sisters' babies and Amelia with some of my bows in their hair.  I should get those photos soon so I'll share them as soon as I do.  Thanks, Bev!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

4 comments commented:

Micah said...

Awwww... so sweet! I would definitely go with dada as her first word! Hope you both feel better soon

Megan said...

I think she and Mia have a lot in common right now, aside from the sickness. Mia says "dada" all the time and just started army crawling. It is all adorable, isn't it? I hope you all feel better & get some rest!

Windy City Kelley's said...

Yuck, I hope you both feel better soon!

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