Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Go Time

Nope, no baby yet. I do have some updates for you, though.

I haven't felt very motivated to write my blog lately. I'm not sure why other than...well, there really isn't a reason. I'm enjoying my time at home...it's really been great not to have to wake up at 6am and drive in to work every day, pay $10 for parking and sit at my desk for 9 hours. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to have a job in this economy, but I am equally grateful to now be able to be at home polishing my housewifing skills. Really, it's "polishing my housewifing skills while switching between HGTV and The Food Network". A pregnant girl with swollen feet has to rest, you know.

*Warning: Childbirthing talk in the next 2 paragraphs*
Speaking of ze swollen feet, last week at my appointment I was not dilated at all. At bit disappointing, but quite honestly since I was expecting Amelia to make a tardy entrance into the world I wasn't all that surprised. However, at my appointment on Monday I was already at 2cm, 50% effaced and -1 station. If you don't know what that means, Google can help. Now, I don't know what exactly made that progress possible other than this little girl gearing up for delivery. Perhaps it was the 1 mile round trip to Dairy Queen that D and I walked on Saturday evening. You know a 39 week pregnant girl loves her some ice cream and Dairy Queen is good motivation for exercise. Along the way and back I had to stop a few times because those pesky round ligament pains wouldn't go away. But, if that was my body making progress I will not argue!

My blood pressure on Monday was high in the doctor's office, so after stripping my membranes (sorry, folks...this is also for posterity. My daughter should know this stuff eventually...I'm just documenting) my doctor sent me over to labor & delivery to be monitored. My bp was within normal ranges by then, but because of my swelling/bp in the past and how much it fluctuates and because of Amelia's estimated size my doctor suggested an induction for Thursday (my due date) after making sure my body was favorable for induction.

Tonight D & I went on a walk...this time to Walgreens to buy some milk since it's dirt cheap right now. I've been having some contractions but nothing timeable. I'm praying for progress so that the induction goes super smoothly on Thursday...or that I go into labor on my own before then. I'd LOVE to go into labor before then.

My mom, dad, sisters and their kids are coming up tomorrow evening. I'm really excited about that. My brothers-in-law will get here Thursday night.

So, there's your update. Hopefully I'll post at least a picture for you by Friday. But seriously, I've never been through this before so I could be putting unrealistic expectations on myself. Please keep Amelia, D, and me in your prayers for a safe, healthy, and (as a bonus) speedy delivery.

Have a great rest of the week & 4th of July!

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Liz Wilcox said...

Oh Jamie, I am SO excited for you! Can you believe you will be holding her so soon?

As excited as I am to see pictures of her, just enjoy her and don't worry about the blogging world. We can wait. And if you think you haven't blogged much lately, just wait! ha!

Lot's of love and prayers to you and David!

Leah said...

So exciting!! Can't wait to hear how things go and see Amelia on this side!!

Micah said...

Yeah!!! The light at the end of the tunnel! You realize that's TOMORROW?!?!? Yikes! I know you are so, so ready. I was kinda hoping for a 4th baby (that's my birthday), but I really don't expect you to hold on just for that ;). Plus I remember how obnoxious it was for everyone to tell me to hold it in until their birthday, so take back what I just said :). I'll be praying for all of you, and can't wait to hear the news.

(I'll be at my in-laws starting tomorrow for a week, and they are on dial-up - snore - so I may have to get an update from Rosie :)

Letti said...

Good luck it sounds like you are very close. I only have 3 more weeks so I am trying to get ready too. I hope that as I am typing this you are in the hospital getting an epi.

Melissa M said...

Thanks for the update Jamie. Praying for you all. I can hardly wait for her to be here. Yay!
Love you all!

Tami said...

Good Luck to you, and I hope you have a safe & healthy delivery. I just went through labor a few months ago. From my experience it seemed that labor took forever. It was my first also. Just know that eventually it will end and keep your eye on the prize so to speak. You can do it!

Diane said...

Yay! So EXCITING!!! We'll all be here waiting patiently for the Good News! Best wishes.

forever folding laundry said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for a very speedy delivery!! Can't wait to see Miss Amelia! :)


Jennifer said...

YAY! It's go time!! I'll be thinking & praying for you guys. Hope all goes well. Can't wait to 'meet' Amelia.

Best Wishes-Jenn