Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I'm tired. All of the time. I actually don't have much time to post because I have a lot to do here at work. But I wanted to share my birthday because it was a great one.

A couple of my coworkers walked to the Pike Place Market on Monday and bought these for me:

I was so touched that I teared up. I know, how hormonal am I?

D and I had a great dinner at PF Chang's on Monday night followed by our last childbirth class. Truthfully, I'm glad it's over and we have a weeknight back. I'm glad we took the class but 7 weeks is just a little too long, especially when, towards the end, your feet swell up so badly that they turn purple when you don't have them up. I was very glad for the birthing balls in the class that I could put my feet up on!

Last night we went to my in-laws' house for my birthday dinner. I had steak, potato salad, salad, rolls, and asparagus. Dessert was chocolate brownies with chocolate frosting which my mother-in-law so sweetly sent the leftovers home with me. It was all delicious!
My brother-in-law (my husband's sister's husband) is a handyman and can fix/build/paint/maintain/treat/climb pretty much anything. He owns his own handyman business called Jake of All Trades and even though his job yesterday entailed being on a roof in 90° weather, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't trade it for anything. He's the kind of guy who, in the winter, will take off toward the Pass and look for a place to get his truck stuck in the snow so he can camp out there then dig himself out in the morning. On the way, he'll tow cars out of ditches for stranded people. He's hiked just about every mountain around here if not all of them, and he oftentimes just takes his dog, Sage, on his adventures. He's also very technical and knows a ton about computers and software...he worked behind a desk for a while but quickly realized that he wasn't enjoying being cooped up indoors all day. So, now he owns his handyman business and I'm glad for him that he's doing what he really loves. He and D are going on their first overnight motorcycle trip next weekend. Of course I have mixed feelings about this, but if I wanted D to go with anyone it would be Jake. They'll have a great time.

All of that rambling about Jake was for a reason. Part of my birthday gift from Jake and D's sister is that Jake is going to build me a table for my entry. Since we have a split-level, we don't have much of an entry so I don't want anything big. What's there now is just a tad on the worn out side and I prefer to have doors on the front of the table to hide the things D puts down there so he doesn't forget them. I'd like to incorporate some sort of place for people to put their shoes, too, but I don't think that will be feasible. Here's a picture of our entryway. Send suggestions if you have them! I'm thinking about a corner table instead of a table that takes up the entire space of the window. This is the only photo I could find so I'll see if I can take a better one tonight. Now that I look at it, I'm realizing I need window treatment on that front window. And, I promise the walls aren't white...they're actually a light beige-ish color.

This post is much longer than I thought it would be.

My mother-in-law, father-in-law, and D all pitched in and got this for me for my birthday!!

I'm really excited to think of all the things I can make now! Just need to learn how to sew and I'm all set! My mother-in-law and my mom can teach me a lot, I'm sure.

I will do a post about my shower because I want to show you some of my favorite gifts. For now I really have to get to work. So much to do and only a week and a half to do it! Not that I'm complaining!

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Leah said...

Yesterday was my first day back at work after almost a week and a half off. I had gotten way too used to napping for an hour every afternoon. I crashed at 9:00 last night. Hard. (normal bedtime is around 11:30)

So, I feel ya on the tired feeling. :)

Glad you had a nice birthday. I'll think on the table issue...

Letti said...

Happy Birthday. I am starting to feel tired as well. I have 7 weeks to go and still no name. I love your birthday gift you are going to have so much fun sewing for your little girl.

Jennifer said...

Glad you had a nice birthday! Flowers, good food and a sewing machine - fun times! Looking forward to hearing about your shower - I'm getting excited as mine are coming up this month too!

The Pink Potpourri said...

what are the childbirth classes like? should i be preparing myself now? :)

that's so neat that jake is making you a table for the entryway. i can't wait to see it!

Sarah said...

Those flowers are lovely! How sweet and kind of your co-workers! And I'm loving the sewing machine. I also do not know how to use one, but I would love to get one and learn. I'm sure we'll see tons of stuff you make for Amelia :)

I had totally forgotten about child birth classes until you mentioned it. I better get on that!

forever folding laundry said...

Happy birthday to you!! What a great year 28 will be for you. :)

And a sewing machine -- woo hoo!! I know you'll have a lot of fun with that.

Hang in there. You're almost there!


Diane said...

How nice! Love that sewing machine! I look forward to seeing all the crafty things you'll make :)

P.S. Thanks for the comment. Our u/s tech said it was "too early" to tell even though I was a day later than your reading. We're definitely finding out - we just have to wait 8 more weeks!