Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm working from home today because I literally about fell out of bed this morning for my left leg wouldn't work. Pain. I love this baby so much but I will be forever grateful to this baby if he/she would kindly move off my sciatic nerve.

Last tax season we opted for part of our tax return money in $75 Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards. I wanted to buy curtains and there was some deal where we paid much less for the gift cards than their actual value so we decided to go for it. Well, their curtains (and most everything in the store) is really pricey so we found curtains at Target instead. It's been almost a year and we finally got around to using the giftcards.

We bought...

- 2 cereal keepers
- An under-the-kitchen-sink shelf (see below)
- A stair-step organizer (see below)
- 2 plastic bag holders (for D's garage)
- Some clearance Christmas decor (including 3 cute stocking holders for $3.49 ea! David already claimed the Christmas tree one - less "girly". Our baby and I will have the stars.)

- A beautiful silk plant for my downstairs guest bathroom

(Ignore the blue countertops - it's my kitchen circa 1986. If somehow I ever win $20k then we'll redo the kitchen!)

- A heavy brown suede covered arm chair thing that sits on the floor so there's a comfortable spot on the floor to sit since we don't have a lot of sitting areas in our living room. Wow, that was a run-on sentence.
We got a few other things, too, but I'll spare you!

It didn't occur to me to take "Before" shots of my cabinets, or maybe it did occur to me but I was too embarassed of them to take any photos so I'm just telling you that I forgot. No, I really did forget. are the "After" shots...

The first photo is the stair-step organizer that I used for my spice cabinet, and the second is the under-the-sink shelf that I used under my kitchen sink. When my laundry room is done being remodeled, I'll move all the cleaning supplies downstairs. For now, they're easily accessible.

(Does anyone throw away spices after 6 months like they're "supposed" to? I don't!)

Hopefully tomorrow I will change my blogger background. I feel like someone who still has their Christmas lights on their house 3 weeks after Christmas (don't worry - those came down the weekend after the New Year).

Thanks for your comments on my last blog - love them!!

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Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

NO! I keep my spices until they run out! :) I am bad like that.

Jennifer said...

Hm, I did NOT know about that spice rule. However, I have yet to die or get sick from old spiceage so I probably won't start. I need some organization helpers too - especially like the one you have in your spice cabinet - that would come in handy!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever thrown away a spice unless it was empty and to be honest, I didn't know I was supposed to throw them out after 6 months - oops! Oh well, I am fine so I will keep doing like I do!

Diane said...

I'm no Martha when it comes to spices. I keep 'em 'til they're gone. And I definitely *need* that under the sink organizer!!

I hope baby doesn't stay on your sciatic for long. It's tough because there's just no relief :(