Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's a post about the Baby

15 weeks today! Baby is the size of a naval orange or an apple depending on which site you refer to. Baby's about 4" from crown to rump and can sense light even though the eyelids are fused shut at this point.

I can't feel anything yet but that's normal. It'll be fun when I can feel the baby! I don't really feel pregnant except for maybe the tiniest appearance of what I would assume is a baby bump since I haven't gained any weight. That, and near constant pain in my lower back. My doctor told me that it's probably the baby pushing on nerves and that I could take Tylenol for the pain. Usually I just deal with it.

What else...

Tonight is belly picture night. Every 5 weeks - can you believe it's been 5 weeks since my last one? I can't! So, I'll post it tonight. Maybe. :)

D has been asking me to write things down about how I'm feeling and about this pregnancy in general. He finally got me to pick out a Pregnancy Journal online and I LOVE it. It'll take a while to fill out because I've mostly forgotten what I craved in the first trimester and how I felt (amazing how that happens to a memory!), but I'm really looking forward to keeping it up. Although, they want you to take belly pictures every week. Uh, sorry...not gonna happen.

Here's the journal I have. It retails for $23 but has it for $ can click on the picture below for more information. The only thing I think they could have included is a place for the home pregnancy tests. Sorry if that grosses you out, but I kept all 3 of mine. I love looking at them.
I'm sure you're all sick of looking at my holiday themed blog page. I'll change it soon. Well, "soon" is relative. By "soon" I probably mean within the next 90 days. Just ask Micah - I've been telling her that I'll whip together a new page for her for probably months now. I promise, Micah, when I do mine I will throw yours together too (carefully and delicately!).

We've been getting torrential downpours here lately with wind thrown into the mix to make things interesting. Fortunately, we haven't had any flooding because we live on a hill and have wetlands practically behind our house. However, there are those in this area who have not been as fortunte and have a lot of flooding problems. Many have evacuated but some are staying at their properties and telling the news reporters that "It's not going to be as bad as last year". I won't address these people just because I think you can draw your own conclusions, but I-5 has been shut down in some areas and for the state to do that is a BIG deal.

This is a picture of I-5 from the flood of Dec. 2007. Yes, that's a picture of an exit sign and a guy in a canoe on the highway.

Right now the sky is a mixture of grey, blue, and white. Yes, we can actually see the sky! It's beautiful, especially now that it's not freezing. It's a balmy 48° outside.

Hopefully this weekend will involve some moving around of furniture and possibly painting the downstairs guest bedroom. We'll see what D has planned.

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

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Micah said...

Yes! Can't wait for the belly picture! Seriously! I know I said I hated my own, but for some odd reason, I like seeing other people's =). Talk about a double standard!

Ha! You can "throw mine together" too - your throwing together is cute =).

Mainly a midwife said...

I'm glad you are feeling well. I was excited when I went to the doctor yesterday and I gained one pound (last time I had lost two pounds). I'm hoping to keep it low this time. I didn't realize what kind of weather you guys were having!