Friday, January 16, 2009

Miscellaneous - Yay for long weekends!

I don't have a lot to say.

Tess has Cherry Eye. We self-diagnosed. Apparently surgery is the only thing that fixes it but many say that it's not necessary if the eye is not bothering the dog (which, it's not bothering Tess). We will still continue with the "wait and see" method, especially now that we know it isn't life-threatening and because it doesn't bother her. She has a yearly check-up so if it's not gone by then we'll talk to the vet.

I have been working on keeping my word. I'm not very good at saying I'll do something and then doing it - I usually over-commit then just drop off. Usually it's just to myself that I over-commit but sometimes it's to others (mainly my husband). It's not a good personality trait and, frankly, I think it's sinful. So, I talked to David and he suggested not telling him when I'm going to do something. Start with a small thing and only tell myself that I'm going to do it and then just get it done. So I told myself all day yesterday that I was going to Swiffer then wipe down our kitchen floor (it's not a small kitchen floor). So, I did. I feel good. I know it's a small task, but considering that lately I've felt like doing nothing after coming home from work besides fixing dinner and laying on the couch, it's kind of a big deal to me. I might post my small accomplishments from time to time just to keep myself motivated.

So, on Wednesday night I got home and really had an inkling for some crunchy baby dills. I think I ate 6 of them and they tasted oh so good. Then, I saw the pan of brownies beckoning me so I had a little piece of one. I know everyone likes their brownies baked different ways...some like them fudgy and a little undercooked (EW) and some like them thin and chewy (YUM). Some, even still, like them burnt to a crisp - although the only person I know who likes them this way is my mom and she likes everything "extra crunchy". Anyway, for some reason the brownies I made on Tuesday night were a bit on the fudgy side which is the ONLY reason that the entire pan isn't consumed. I went my entire first trimester without vomiting...well, there was that one occasion where I took my prenatal vitamin on an empty stomach but I don't count that as anythign having to do with pregnancy except that I didn't want to eat anything which was the reason for the empty stomach at bedtime. Wednesday night I was not so lucky. Something didn't set well with me and the pickles and the brownie came back up. And it hurt. It hurt bad. I've never vomited like that where it was so painful. I decided to stay home from Bible class since I was feeling puny and afraid I might heave again. Just wanted to record my only time in my pregnancy where I actually got sick and threw up. I'm sure you're glad I shared.

D and I both have MLK Day off on Monday. Home improvement projects time! We both also have Presidents' Day off in February, too, which I'm thankful for because that means more baby prep and home improvement work. D is hard at work chipping away at the bathroom floor downstairs preparing to add a new floor and repairing sheetrock and painting. In the laundry room, he and his brother-in-law are going to work on the plumbing and then D is going to hang shelves and install the beautiful utility sink (I'm not kidding - it's beautiful) and paint the room a beautiful canary yellow. D already painted the downstairs guest bedroom last weekend.

In case you're interested, here's the color that the laundry room will be painted. I'll be sure to post "before" and "after" pictures for your enjoyment. And also because my husband has been working so hard on our house and won't let me lift a finger to help him. He wouldn't even let me help paint the guest room even though I told him it wouldn't hurt the baby in the least bit.

So, the color for the laundry room (I'll have white cabinetry in here and have white front-loading machines):

Does anyone know why Blogger sometimes rotates your pictures without your permission? Hm.

So, there you have it. I guess I did have a lot to say after all.

Now you say something! I love comments - can't get enough of them. You should know that if you subscribe to my blog and you're reading this in your email, you can come to my actual blog and leave a comment without having to create an account or anything. Just sayin'.

Have a good weekend!

(No, I haven't gotten around to updating the look of my page).

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Mainly a midwife said...

I know what you mean by over-committing.. I'm notorious for that. sadly.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Oh man, I am sorry you vomitted the pickles and brownies up. That stinks. I like my brownies both ways - with a good chew to it, AND I like the occasional mushy. I'm on the fence. I'll take both! :)

Sweet Simplicity said...

Have a great 3 day weekend!!! I'm off on Monday too. I'm so excited!

Diane said...

I'm so sorry that you were sick. But, I'm sooo thankful that that was the only time! Yay! Also, congrats on your task achievement - it's a step in the right direction. And as for brownies... I'm so not picky - heck, I'll just eat the batter :)

Vintage Mommy said...

So sorry that you're sick. :(

I like the color you chose for your laundry room. A friend of mine once told me yellow is the best color for a laundry room, because it's bright and cheery...makes you want to be in there with the dirty laundry!

Micah said...

Ugh. Just be thankful that is the only time you've been sick. And LOL to the comment about recording it =). Love the laundry room color and can't wait to see before and after pics! Love those!!!

Sarah said...

I can't wait to see the after pictures!!! And sorry to hear you threw up after the pickles and brownies. I can sympathize.

And over-committing...I know what you mean. I tend to find myself doing that quite a bit; especially lately :)

Sarah said...

I can't wait to see the after pictures!!! And sorry to hear you threw up after the pickles and brownies. I can sympathize.

And over-committing...I know what you mean. I tend to find myself doing that quite a bit; especially lately :)