Monday, November 10, 2008

Starbucks cards, good friends, and baby's first picture

I wish I was (were?) one of those people that (who?) carried their camera around with them everywhere. Oh, wait, I am. Because D is still a Boy Scout at heart, his motto truly is "Always Be Prepared". Unfortunately, that means my purse usually weighs somewhere around 8-10 pounds. I wish I was joking.

I won't blame it entirely on my husband - it's my fault that I feel the need to carry around my collection of Starbucks gift cards. I really do have a collection. Before I knew I was a collector, when my balance on my gift card would run out I would always let the barista throw away my card. Now, I keep it. I love getting a new one and I'm always excited to see what design they will have available when the seasons change.

Here's a picture to prove my insanity (including a picture of a gift card I received from a friend who lived in Hawaii for a couple of years. Never mind that it had a $0 balance on it when he gave it to me!) :
See? These pictures are courtesy of my camera that I keep in my purse at all times. I brought up the weight of my purse because, when I can, I leave my purse in the car. Because of this, I wasn't able to capture our two fun-filled evenings with friends on camera.

Wait a minute, I just realized I carried my purse into your house, Melissa, but I set it by the couch and forgot about it until we left. I'm out of excuses. If I would have remembered that my camera was with me, I would have taken a photo of the really yummy food (and, of course, the super sweet couples that shared the meal with us!).

I'm still dreaming about that broccoli salad.

Saturday night we went to a birthday party for one of our friends who turned 30. D and I played some pool and ate a lot of Mexican food. We got home around 10;30, at which point I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and went to bed.

Seahawks and Huskies lost this weekend. It's a sad year for Seattle sports, let me tell ya.

Baby's first picture is on Friday and I'm so excited (and a little nervous!). D talked to my belly last night even though I'm sure he's aware that our kid doesn't have ears yet. I still thought it was really sweet. We're going to get one of those baby books after our u/s on Friday. And I think after the ultrasound we're going to head over to The Cheesecake Factory to use the gift card D's parents gave us for our anniversary! Some pre-dinner cheesecake! Mmmm!

What I brought for lunch doesn't really sound appealing but I'm sure once I start stuffing my face I'll be fine.

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Jennifer said...

Your Starbucks gift card collection is both hilarious and awesome. (o: I would so do something like that - and I carry my camera around with me everywhere I go. YOu never know what will inspire the next blog!

I can't wait to hear about the first baby doctor visit!!!

Weeksie50 said...

what a fun and yummy thing to

Mainly a midwife said... are the first person I know that is a Starbuck's gift card collector. :)

Anonymous said...

All those gift cards - that is so funny!!!

Melissa m said...

That was a yummy broccoli salad. Thankfully, I have the recipe too!!! We enjoyed the chocolate cake through yesterday afternoon. Mitchell offered to "take care of it" for me. I declined and ate the last piece myself!! Thank you Jamie! YUM.

Anonymous said...

Neat collection! Those will probably be collectors items one day. Won't all the critics feel silly when YOU're on Antique Roadshow somewhere down the line? LOL.

Blessings, Whitney

Diane said...

Can't wait to see pix!!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a COOL collection!!!
And baby's first picture! I'm thrilled for you!

Mainly a midwife said...

Well, the alligator clamps are medical clamp... kind of they can go up there and get things! They had to wrap poor Davis in a baby bunting-type sheet so that he wouldn't move. They did it at the doctor's office. He'd had the peanut up his nose for 6 weeks (parents did not know that he had done it..he's 3). He finally started having some sinus issues and that's why they took him to the doctor!

Micah said...

Wow - I'm completely the opposite. I have three kids, and I still only carry a small purse with only the essentials (unless we are going to be longer than a few hours). I usually take my big diaper bag to leave in the car ICE =).

Love the collection, but do you need to carry them with you in your purse? =)

Micah said...

Oh, and hope things go well on Friday! Anxious to hear!!!

Debbie said...

Mmmmmmmm Starbucks, I could use one right this min. Love that place. Great pics of your collection!

How exciting for you to get that first pic of your sweet baby!

Blessings - Debbie