Wednesday, November 12, 2008

God is Good

It might be the hormones, or it might just be that I'm a lunatic, but I took a walk around the building just now so that I could avoid listening to the guy across the aisle from me chomp, chomp, chomping on his chips. I really have a hard time understanding why it's not common sense to actually close your mouth before you start chewing. But, I digress.

I guess there's a storm here now. Many people say that Seattle is only sunny July through September, but as I've told many people, October really is a beautiful month. Last month had some really amazing autumnesque days. Now begins the rainy season in Seattle. That's not to say we never get a sunny day from now until June - we get quite a few. But, most days are rainy. These are the days I wish I could ditch the 40+ minute commute and stay home. Especially now that I'm tired all of the time. Oh, to sleep in until 8am, or even 7am!

I have to show you this ultrasound picture that my younger sister, Lindsay, just sent. She's only 13 weeks, 6 days but the baby is measuring 14 weeks, 4 days because he/she is so tall! She sent several pictures (all of which made me cry like an idiot at work) but this one is my favorite. Doesn't it look like Baby is waving? That's my sweet niece or nephew!

This whole "being pregnant at the same time as my sisters" thing is so emotional! You're emotional enough when you're pregnant (see above paragraph about the guy chewing chips), but then when your sisters have their ultrasounds and stuff, it just puts you over the top. It does me, anyway. I can't believe that we'll be able to see our baby that well in just about 7 more weeks!

I shouldn't be listening to Staind, Creed, Embrace, and especially "The Riddle" by Five For Fighting (on Pandora) when I'm this crazy emotional. Have you heard "The Riddle" by Five For Fighting? It won't let me embed the video, but please watch the video here. It's such a sweet song. I don't understand the lyrics completely so I can't say I believe in the message of the song.

7 weeks today! Actually, according to me, I'm only 6 weeks, 4 days pregnant. Did you know that my chart says I'm actually due on the 4th of July? Patriotic Baby!

I feel yucky every morning. I'm dead tired no matter how much sleep I get and I'm a little queasy until I eat but nothing sounds good so it takes me a long time to get motivated to eat something. But, usually when I do I feel better until the next time I need to eat and then I feel queasy again. Like right now I don't feel great but it's because I haven't eaten in a couple of hours. I'm trying to eat an apple a day because they say it's really good for Baby.

I've rambled enough!

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Mainly a midwife said...

yea I'm right with you on the queasiness girl.
That's a GREAT u/s pic!

Weeksie50 said...

Oh, I love the ultrasound picture.. Your little neice or nephew..showing some personalilty from the I am lovin' it..

Girl, I am not pregnant..and chomping chips..gets me worked up lol.

Anonymous said...

What a cute pic! ANd that is so fun that you and your sis are preggo together - how fun! Can't wait to see your little one soon!

Liz said...

Wow... everywhere I look it's babies and kids. :)

Noah said...

It always amazes me how they look like a baby so early in the womb. I love the "wave"!

For eating, I found that I usually could stomach soda crackers (saltines) first thing in the morning. I kept some of those and a waterbottle on my nightstand and would eat a few before getting out of bed. Usually I could choke them down and it helped settle my stomach. Just in case you're looking for ideas.

Femin Susan said...

Very cool your blog!
Good week

Micah said...

You sound like Rosie - she can't stand chewing noises =). Loved the u/s pic - that was so sweet that her tech typed that on there. My b-day is July 4th!!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Okay - is it weird that IIIII almost cried over that ultrasound picture!? Wow. Absolutely AMAZING. I have my first ultrasound in 6 days and I can't WAIT! I will be 10 weeks when I go, so hopefully I will see more than just a little blob! I love hearing your pregnancy updates. I am tired at all times. No lie.