Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vintage Books & Jamie Cooks


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Nice title, eh? It rhymes and everything.

Lots of pictures today which means not a lot of talking. Good, I don't have much to say. If you know me, you know that's not true. See how much I had to say about not having anything to say? Moving on...

Let's start with...
Vintage Childrens Books! I love them. My fascination started when...ok, I know I said I wouldn't talk much but I might have lied. A little.

We took a trip to New England last fall and found a huge antiques shop in Quechee, VT. I'm not usually an antiques kind of girl but I found out that it was for lack of knowing how fabulous antiques actually were. You have to dig. Dig past someone's grandma's porcelin salt and pepper shakers. Past musty smelling 1970s romance novels. Past gaudy dinnerware (who would serve people food on that!?) get the idea. I gravitated toward books. Childrens books. Let me share with you my finds...

They sit on a shelf in my living room. For frame of reference, I posted a picture of my living room. Yes, I know the TV is ginormous. Yes, I know I need curtains and crown molding. Okay, now can we move on? I just love to look at them. Have I read them? What? They're books, old books. They're for decoration (I'm kidding, of course).

East o' the Sun and West o' the Moon is my favorite. The book is mentioned in the Anne of Green Gables books and I didn't even know that when I bought it. Isn't it a gem? I love that the illustrations are watercolored. I can't be sure if the book was made that way or if a past owner did it. I have a hard time believing that it was a past owner because they are so intricately done. There is also an inscription on the inside cover that says "Wishing you a Merry Christmas. From Alice 12/25/23". I love that, I just love it.

Next, we have The Aeroplane Boys Series: The Aeroplane Express. I admit I got this one for its looks.

And finally, we have Tom Swift and his Electric Locomotive. This one has an inscription on it, too, and it says: "Charles Ackley from Mother, Christmas 1921 (could also be a "7", not sure)".

Aren't they lovely? I just bought another one online yesterday and will post pictures when I get it.


Here's my hand-me-down helpful hint for today... Freezing Juicy Fruits. Not the gum.
I took the advice of some gals in the recipe_exchange group and spread the massive amount of blackberries given to us by David's grandma onto 3 cookie sheets. Then I stuck them in the freezer and when they were sufficiently frozen, I pulled out the cookie sheets and scraped the contents into freezer bags. The picture to the right is what the blackberries looked like after they had been frozen and poured into the Ziploc bag. Aren't they gorgeous? I think I'm going to have to use this freezer/cookie sheet method with all juicy fruits that I want to freeze and store. It worked like a charm!

Here's Tess while I was scraping the blackberries into the bag:

"Please, Ma, can't I have just one?"

For dinner, David grilled pork chops that I had rubbed in Rudy's Rub. Mercy me, that stuff is spicy. I made some rice (more on that in a minute), salad with salsa ranch dressing, and also used a recipe I found for Cheesy Garlic Bread. It was only "ok" for me. I used Texas Toast instead of french bread which might have been my first mistake. I wasn't a fan of the mayo taste. I think I'll stick to butter and garlic salt to make my garlic bread next time! The mozzarella on top was fantastic, though. The rice was Rice-A-Roni Whole Grain Blends Chicken & Herb Classico. I know, what a mouthful! If you haven't tried their Whole Grain Blends or their Nature's Way line, you really should. They're fantastic and it's nice to know they're better for you.

So, last night after (or was it before? I have a horrible memory) our 30 minute, 2 mile walk around the park, I made Crumb Topped Choco-Peanut Butter Bars. Peanut butter theme lately, I know. Not sure why. Anyway, they were very yummy, but like all yummy things, they must leave my house. I stacked them on a paper plate and sent them to work with David this morning so he could share the love with his coworkers. I'd be lying if I said I sent them ALL to work with David. I confess I have a few safely sealed in a Tupperware container on the counter. Report from David is that a couple of coworkers have tried them and said they were good. He had them still covered with the foil I put on them this morning so I told him they would be fine if he took the foil off. Too much information right there, wasn't it?

Tonight is Mexican food with a friend while David plays softball.

I have this fear. I'm afraid that if I act excited about the Mariners winning the last 2 games their winning streak will end. Who am I kidding? Their winning streak will end whether I mention it or not. I love my team, but I'm realistic about this season.

Oh Raul.
Why does your bat start heating up only after the Mariners become the worst team in Major League Baseball?
It's supposed to be in the 90s here in Seattle today. Pretty unusual for us, but I don't mind it. I'm glad David and I put A/C in our home last year. Most homes in the Pacific Northwest don't have A/C - builders definitely don't automatically include it. I love that I can still bake and cook in my A/C house even when it's 90° outside.

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CATHY said...

A friend and I were just talking about freezing fruit today. The cookie sheet is a good idea.

Coloradolady said...

I did that with blackberries, it works like a charm. I really liked your books, they are great.

Jewelgirl said...

The cookie sheet works, I've done
that with raspberries. Your books
are terrific finds, love the artwork
in them! Thank you for sharing!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Okay, how fun are you!? Love the blog! Also - that is crazy that I was RIGHT BY where you work! I probably passed it numerous times! So funny and so random! Oh. My. Word....WASHINGTON IS MY NEW FAVORITE STATE. It is gorgeous. And the weather? Incredible!

Yes, we did go to Butschart Garden - that is in my upcoming post! It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. Wow.

So nice to meet you!!!

Charlotte said...

Wow those chocolate peanut butter bars look delicious. I almost forgot about the vintage stuff while my mouth was watering looking at them. Back to Vintage. I love the books. What I would really like to have is a Dick & Jane book from the 40s. That's what I learned to read from. Probably could find it on e-bay but it might be too expensive. I keep seeing things on Vintage posts that remind me of something that I have and hadn't thought about sharing. We have a lot of vintage books. That's an idea for another Thursday. Thanks for sharing.

Sonja said...

The artwok is a big diffrence from todays books isn't it.

Mommie Daze said...

What beautiful books! I'm participating in Vintage Thingies Thursdays for the first time over at my blog Stop by!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Um, I don't know why you can't book mark it. I tried adding a feed....let me know if it worked and see if you can book mark it now. I am new to this, so I get a bit confused.

PS - HOW LUCKY ARE YOU TO HAVE A JOB WHERE YOU GET TO WATCH THAT EVERY DAY! I wonder if you saw me walk by.... that'd be too hilarious.

Amy said...

I love old books too - great finds!

The Apron Queen said...

I love your books. I'd cvurl up with them & a piece of that ceesy bread! Thanks for jumping in. Glad to have you. Look forward to seeing you next week! :)

Confessions of an Apron Queen

ellen b said...

Love the illstrations in those old books, what great finds.
I'm in the burbs of Seattle too. Well sometimes. I'm also living in So. Cal. right now cuz of my husband's job.

Carrie said...

I enjoyed seeing your vintage books. Thanks for sharing.

ellen b. said...

Hi again Jamie,
We're in Kenmore.
Been in and around the Bothell area for 19 years...
My two adult children that aren't married yet are living in our home here while hubby and I live in southern California. We have a son that is married and he and his wife live in the area, too. We spend all our vacation and holidays up in this area. I've been here for 5 weeks and leave to go back to So.Cal. in a week...

Elizabeth said...

Love those books! I have a few myself that I need to get ready for future VTT!

Liz said...

Mmmm... frozen fruit. And I could still have that on my diet... great idea! :)

marian said...

I adore vintage books and you've got some beauties!! I've just signed up to Vintage Thingies Thusdays...can't wait to start sharing my vintage treasures with everyone!! xx