Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation - the countdown begins

I'm full. Really, really full. Let me tell you why.

Night before last I made some granola and probably put too much flax in it. This morning I had some low-fat vanilla yogurt with peaches and my granola in it. Yum. Well, then for lunch I had Wheat Thins (more fiber) dipped in a concoction of low fat cream cheese and cucumber...and Tabasco, because as my dad would say "It ain't worth a dern if it ain't got that burn". I can't really take spicy foods, but that's another post for another time...and boy do I have some good stories - including one that involves habenero and my husband's first time meeting my parents. Good times.

Anyway, after I finished my Wheat Thins and dip for lunch, I had a donut. They make too much food available at work and someone had set out donuts. I chose a chocolate (shock!) donut that I only ate because it was so tasty and not because I was hungry. I stopped being hungry 1 bite into the donut. But it was so good that I had to finish it. I'm regretting that decision now. I'm miserably full.

I'll tell you what I'm not full of (insert funny joke here) - I'm not full of too many thoughts of our vacation in Vegas next week. Only 3 more work days! Friday evening we're having another couple over for a barbecue then Saturday morning we'll drive up to Lynwood to buy a motorcycle helmet for me and peruse other items for David's new bike. It's funny how that works...how a bike that is reasonably priced can turn into a major investment from all the "toys" that boys like to put on their vehicles. I think it's cute, honestly. I have the most fiscally responsible husband around so it's not that I worry about the money...I really like to see him so excited over something.

Back to Vegas.

We're staying at Treasure Island and plan to see Mystere on Tuesday night. I have never seen a Cirque De Soliel show so I'm really excited. I might even blog while I'm in Vegas just because if I don't update as I go, I'm sure it'll take me weeks to sit down and write everything out. My twin sister and I have already made plans to get out and do things while our husbands are wasting the days away sleeping. D's theory is "I'm on vacation so I get to sleep in". I think he'd feel that way if we were in Europe, too, so I let him sleep. He doesn't sleep too late, but definitely later than I'd want to sleep when I'm on vacation! I like to see things! So Carrie and I will probably get some pool time in before it gets too hot. Carrie is new here, so go welcome her if you can...maybe she'll post again if enough people comment :)

I'll leave you with the story of how D & I met. If you're so inclined, I'd love to hear how you and your significant other met. I love hearing those stories.

This is D telling our story. He wrote it for our wedding website and he's best at describing it anyway.

After being single for a while without finding the right person through the standard ways of meeting women, I decided to try my luck online. I looked through online profiles for weeks and finally found someone that I wanted to write to. I emailed a beautiful and friendly sounding girl in the area. She was new to the area, religious, loved her family, and loved sports. I wrote to her, told her a little about myself, and offered to be her tour guide. To my disappointment, I never heard back from her.

Six months later, my sister Stephanie went to our mutual friend Mary's bridal shower. Stephanie took pictures of the event. After the bridal shower, Mary told Stephanie that a girl at the bridal shower and I should meet. Stephanie told me about this girl I should meet but I had tried being set-up before and it was never successful. After weeks of thinking it over, I finally decided that I would go to church in Renton to see Mary before she moved away and meet this girl too who also attended at Renton. I met her after church as we all went out to eat. We talked and I asked lots of questions while my sister practically interviewed her with the intention of giving me all of the information I needed. I really had a good time but felt it would be too corny to ask for her number. I knew I'd see her at Mary's wedding anyway so I could always ask for her number then. I did see her at Mary's wedding, got her number, and called her a few days later. We met up for coffee, talked on the phone, and went to church together. Each time we talked, it was for hours. I was so excited to meet her and happy that I found her. I knew she was special from the first time I talked to her and thought she was the one the first time that we went out together. After weeks of spending time together, we talked about how hard it was to meet people. We soon realized for the first time that I was the one that emailed her and she was the one that never responded to me all those months ago. After not being able to meet Jamie the first time that we came in contact, I'm so glad that I got a second chance!

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Debbie said...

Hi Jamie, here's wishing you a total blast in VEGAS!

So happy your hubby got that second chance. It's so nice he has that sweet story written down.

My hubby wrote our true love story and I posted it on our anniversary in July 06.

Here's the link for that post.


I posted all about our wedding and posted some wedding pictures on our anniversary in July 07. Here's the path to that post


Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I want to see a Cirque show SO bad. Definitely blog while you're away. Oh, and I hate sleeping in on vaca too! There's too much to see and do. You can always sleep at home!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! I have wanted to see Cirque for so long. You'll have to tell us all about it!

That's so sweet that D posted about how the two of you met....not sure B even remembers how we met (j/k).

Have a great vaca, take lots of pics!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh donuts. They're my weakness. We have a Krispy Kreme on the way to church and it perfumes the air so that you have to stop!

Have a great time on vacation!
And that is scary about the new lightbulbs. I hadn't heard that!