Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update. Inconsistent, but here.

I should do a better job of updating.  I love reading my posts from when Millie was really little - sad that there aren't more.

So, I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant and this baby is a healthy, growing BOY!  His name will be Carter, but we still haven't figured out a middle name.  I thought the middle name would be the easy part seeing that it took us until 4 weeks ago to decide on Carter (names are tough).  We're really only deciding between 2 possibilities for a middle name but we're just too lazy to think about it right now.  Amelia will move to another room and the nursery will be Carter's.  We haven't chosen a theme and we haven't even moved Amelia out of that room yet.  Her new bedroom was our extra guest room but, more accurately, our "throw-it-in-the-back-room-and-we'll-figure-it-out-later" space.  Lots to go through.

My baby is getting so big.  She's almost 2 1/2.  She's a good girl if not a little dramatic.  Lately every request ends in tears.  Being two is so confusing, I'm sure. 

"Want your friend, Katilin, to come over to play?"
{crying} "No" {more crying}. 
"You like playing with Katilin.  Won't it be fun to have her over to play?"
{face brightens} "Yeah!"
Seriously, kid?

Every night before bed I rock her and sing her a song.  Up until a month ago her request was "ABCs".  Then it was "Hickory Dickory Dock".  While we were visiting family out of town she watched her first Christmas movie, and that night before bed she said "I want a song about Christmas".  So, lately it's been Rudolph, Frosty (when I can remember the words), and Santa. 

We've been potty-training her since September.  She ran around our house naked from the waist down for a full 2 months and was doing really well.  We started putting big girl undies on her, even for naptime, and she was doing great!  Then we went to Florida on vacation and she regressed.  She was an old pro at pooping on the potty before our vacation.  Now she exclusively poops in her pants.  Lovely.  I'm hoping it's a phase and that if we're persistent and consistent with the big girl undies she will "get it" again.

Really don't have time to update so I should get going.
Happy Tuesday!

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Julia said...

Congrats on the pregnancy! I love the name Carter! I am sure Amelia is very excited about having a baby brother. Hope you are feeling well with this pregnancy. Amelia is adorable and getting so big. My daughter will be three in March (hard to believe) they grow too fast. We have been potty training since August and are still in diapers (most of the time). Hopefully she will get there soon. Take care!

byLGD Glass Jewelry said...

oh my word is amelia beautiful! and congrats on the new baby! i am so excited for you! :)