Thursday, July 8, 2010

Miss me?

Ah, the things that make one think "I should document this". 

**WARNING** This post is about poo...and I don't mean the Disney character.

I saw on the video monitor today that Amelia had woken from her nap.  I was in the middle of something and decided to just let her be since she seemed content.  Probably about half an hour passed and I assumed she had fallen back to sleep since she's been doing that quite a bit lately.  I finally check the monitor and I can tell that her rear is bare.  I didn't look too closely but I grabbed my camera on the way to her room, thinking that whatever was going on would at least be humorous enough to photograph.

I was right.

I'll spare you the photos, but she had decided to see what it would be like to poo on her crib sheet instead of her diaper.  The diaper was virtually unscathed save for a few poo streaks on the outside.  Not only did she deficate on the crib sheet, she played in it and smeared it all over everything she could reach.

Now, I'm a first time mom and have never had to clean up a mess this stinky or on a scale as large as this.  I didn't really know what to do exactly.  I left the room and started to fill the tub.  When I went back into her room I took her shirt off of her and she tried to grab my shirt.  Keep in mind her hands are absolutely black they're so caked with poo.  I realized once I reached the bathroom that filling the tub was a monumentally BAD idea.  Now there were poo particles floating all around her the second I put her in.  So, I started to empty the tub, all the while trying to run her hands under the heavy-streaming water and scrubbing them as much as I could.  I was grateful that I had just cut her nails a few days ago.

I finally got her un-pooed enough that I could fill the tub and give her a normal bath.  That was the easy part.  While I was drying her off I called my mom.  I knew she'd get a kick out of my situation and, honestly, I thought it was pretty funny, too.  It wouldn't have been funny if Amelia was old enough to know better and did it anyway, but she's 1.  Anyway, apparently my younger sister had done the same thing to my mom when she was a baby.  I think my dad called this something like "sweet revenge".  Maybe 28 years down the road I'll get a call from Amelia when her baby smears poo all over the place.  A mom can only hope.

It really wasn't as bad as I thought - cleaning it up.  I put all of her little stuffed animals and her blanket in a bag and also had a separate bag to put my used cleaning items in.  Her crib sheet was soaked in the bathtub while the bumper, rug (yes, some even ended up on the floor), and mattress pad were washed.  Then her sheet and her little animals were washed. 

I'm sure you care about the details.  I just have to say that I would rather clean up her poo than be a Northwesterner without A/C this week.  It got into the mid-90s today and many, many homes in this region do not have central air.  We had ours installed when we moved in and it's so nice.  Although, last night we lost power for a few hours (which never happens) and that was pretty crazy.

I'll catch up with other things soon.  I have to write about Amelia's first birthday party.

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forever folding laundry said...

Oh, wow. I'm glad you had a sense of humor about the whole thing! Riley did something like that once. I remember that feeling when you first see it, like "where do I begin?!". :)


Mainly a midwife said...

Too funny! I haven't encountered that yet... only had tubtime poos so far.