Thursday, May 20, 2010

Record-breaking badness

I have to make this quick because right now I'm supposed to be doing 556 things and none of those require blogging.  BUT, monumental terribleness happened today and I must record it.  After all, every second that ticks by another brain cell in my head implodes.

Amelia didn't sleep well last night.  I have thought for the last couple of days that I was being a super awesome mom by figuring out a way to get protein in my baby's lunch.  Add black beans!  Problem is, beans are a magical fruit.  Baby's got gas.  She didn't go to sleep until 9:30 last night then woke up at 2am (I hadn't been to bed yet) screaming.  I rocked her and fed her and rocked her some more.  She finally went to sleep and I finally did, too.  I thought she would sleep in a bit but she was awake at 7:45 this morning and wouldn't be put back down.

I gave her a bath then put her down for a morning nap which only lasted 45 minutes.  Not long enough.  I tried rocking her - she was obviously SO tired.  She's been cutting teeth so I gave her a little bit of Walgreen's version of Tylenol.  She loved chewing on the dropper so I let her hold the bottle.  It was in her crib when I put her back and hoped she'd fall back to sleep. 

Meanwhile, I called David's mom and asked if she was free to come over and play with the baby so I could get some things done.  I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.  She said she would be happy to (LOVE her!) and she'd be here after lunch.

Amelia had gotten quiet then all of a sudden started crying.  It was the poo cry.  Sure enough, I walked in to her room and smelled it.  Then I looked in her crib and saw it.  Not poo - reddish pink stuff.  My first thought was "She threw up the Tylenol" but .08 mL is not enough to coat her crib sheet in 5 different places and make my baby a completely sticky mess. 

I found the dropper and the bottle.  Empty.  It had only been half-full to begin with.  I changed Amelia's diaper and stripped her of her sticky, gooey clothes.  I called David at work and he said I should call poison control, something I was planning to do anyway but for some reason called my husband first.

Amelia's baby tub was still in the kitchen from when I bathed her, oh, and hour or so before.  I stuck her in the tub and let her splash around while I ran a wet washcloth over her and called Poison Control.  The guy on the other end needed info from the Tylenol bottle.  In Amelia's room.  I grabbed her out of the tub, wrapped her in a towel and found the bottle in her bedroom.  I gave him the information he needed and he put me on hold while he did some calculations.  I took Amelia in the living room to put a diaper and clothes on her while I waited.  As I was trying to diaper Amelia one-handed, he came back on the line.  Amelia was fighting me and the diaper so I let her air dry while I wrapped up the phone call.  She crawled next to the towel, sat up, and peed.  On the carpet.  Reminded me of those fireboats:

David's mom came over and played with Amelia for a couple of hours while I worked on finishing my lesson for the ladies class.  I taught the class - it was on Homemaking.  I was told it went well!

I should be packing and making bows.  I'm so far behind on the bows I need to make that I feel I'll never catch up.  Most are donations to a wonderful charity but I also have some gifts to finish making. 

Happy Friday!

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Micah said...

Oh, girl, I feel your pain. It is tough stuff. If it's any help at all, please know that my bows are NO rush. Like I said, I've just been putting off getting some for forever now. I've just come to the shocking realization that there is never going to be a time that I'm "caught up". And really, as a small business owner, I guess I really don't want it to be. So I just fill up my time slots each time an order comes in, and make sure I'm not too far over my head!

forever folding laundry said...

Oh, wow. It definitely sounds like it was one of *those* days. I'm glad she's OK. Hang in there! :)