Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's that time of year...

I'm not going to change the url for my blog.  How's that for indecisiveness?  My dad is probably smirking - some things never change.  Right, Dad?

How's your Christmas "to-do" list coming? 

Shopping is done, wrapping is done, but baking is eluding me this year.  I plan to get started (and hopefully finished) this year weekend.  Yes, I actually typed "year" without realizing it.  That's what I get for multi-tasking.  My sweet baby has been laying in her crib playing with her bunny for the last hour.  She's just now starting to whine.  I don't know why she's still awake...my consuming excessive amounts of chocolate, perhaps (thanks to a dear friend who knows me all too well and sent a 2 lb box of See's Candies for Christmas)?  Hope not.

Anyway, I bought some little festive cartons from Oriental Trading Co. and plan to stuff them with the following and give away as gifts:

- Shortbread or sugar cookies (I have a cookie press that I use exactly once a year)
- Peanut butter popcorn
- Chocolate covered pretzels
- Almond roca

I think that's all I'm going to do.  Maybe fudge.  Okay, definitely fudge.  What's Christmas without fudge?

I was going to take a photo of the baby in front of our tree tonight but, well, I forgot.  It happens.  Frequently.

Well, the baby finally fell asleep.  For one hour.  Then she started crying, then screaming, and we let her cry for about 15 minutes.  David went in to check on her and determined that she sounded "gurgly" and was probably hungry.  I caved and picked her up yet she continued to cry.  When I nursed her she dove at my chest and ate heartily, so she was obviously hungry.  After I burped her she did what she always does and started cooing and talking to me, grabbing my cheeks and unintentionally sticking her chubby fingers up my nostrils.  She buried her face into my face and attempted to suck my nose off, all the while happily squeaking.  I kissed her plump little cheeks and put her back in her crib.  She started crying again but stopped for about 10 minutes to play with her pacifier.  I kept looking at her on the video monitor and she looked wide awake.  Still on her back which meant she had no intention of falling asleep.  It's been 30 minutes and she's been crying for probably the last 15 minutes, but at least now she's on her belly.  I'm not going to pick her up.  I did that last night and ended up being up with her until 1am.  I love that baby and it pains me soo much to listen to her cry, but she's fine.  Deep breath.

Just for fun, I put together this little photo collage.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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My open roads said...

love the collage, what a great idea! (btw, it starts in 2005 - is that when you 2 met? me and my husband met in 2005 :) ).

Liz Wilcox said...

Christmas without fudge is just wrong! :)

I love the collage! So sweet to see the progression.

Your packages came today! Thank you so much. You are TOO generous!!!