Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh, it's a long update

Post started on 9/5...

Is it wrong that I'm excited for fall and winter? Remind me in 4 months that I said I was excited and we'll see what I say. Today was cloudy and, at times, rainy, and it's the first day of college football season for the Huskies. It's the kind of day that makes me want to throw together a big pot of chili...or maybe some nachos. Or, if I'm honest, a big fat huge chocolate cake. Okay, that had nothing to do with the seasons changing but it's what I want.

D is bouncing Amelia on the yoga ball. Earlier this evening he was sitting on the couch with Amelia on his lap facing outward...they were watching the game together. The Huskies scored a touchdown and D yelped in excitement, completely forgetting himself and the fact that this college football season he has an infant. She did not appreciate the raucous.
Fast forward to today, 9/25...

I've been horrible about updating my blog. It's not that I don't want to...I really do and wish I were better at it. It's just that I like updating in the evenings and usually that's when Amelia is most fussy.

Generally she's a very, very good baby. She's starting to laugh and "talk". She especially gets going when D sings to her which he does often. It sounds like she's trying to sing back. Here's a video...

We were in Chicago around the middle of this month and had a really great time. We stayed with D's aunt & uncle in Naperville which happens to be the town I used to live in. I love Naperville...I almost wouldn't mind living there again. I got to eat at Giordano's, Portillos, & Dunkin Donuts (I won't admit how many times I ate there). Oh, and since Chili's went out here in Washington about a year ago I was very excited to be able to dine at a Chili's while we were in Illinois. Oh, chips & salsa, how I've missed you.

We spent some time with my friends which, I'm ashamed to say I didn't get a single picture of. I'm not happy about that. The Monday we were there we met a couple of dear friends of mine at the Shedd Aquarium. The company was great but the aquarium was disappointing. They had several exhibits closed including the penguins, polar bears, and sharks. My friend, Liz, has an adorable little boy named Isaiah and we had fun watching him interact with Amelia. I hope they'll be great friends one day!

1: D & Amelia at the aquarium
2: My friend, Liz, introducting Amelia to her sweet Isaiah
3: My friend, Shirley, trying to get Isaiah to hold Amelia since he kept saying "hold, hold!"
4: Us girls with a worn out Amelia and Isaiah

This is ridiculous - 9/28

I have more photos from our Chicago trip but I never know if people want me posting pictures of them online so I'll refrain for now. You know, as much as I really love comments from readers of my blog (and I really do love them), I more feel bad for not posting more often because I want Amelia to be able to read about her babyhood later in life. I know there are things that I've already forgotten that, at the time, I think "Oh I need to write that down!". So, I'm hoping to be better about updating from now on. For now, here's a little list of things that have been happening lately.

~ I quit my job! I'm now a full time wife and mom and I couldn't be happier. I've recently looked in to joining a couple of local Mom groups just to give me more adult company and for Amelia to have playmates around her age. The church where we are members doesn't have any kids Amelia's age although there are a few who are a few years older.

~ Amelia smiles almost on demand and coos and laughs. It's so sweet. We've been trying to capture as much as we can on our little video camera but unfortunately not many websites allow for videos over a minute or so. And, I'll be honest that once I get the camera in my hand and start recording my daughter I lose track of time.

~ She's grabbing at things. It's so funny to watch her swat at my hair or grab her rattle or little finger puppet. She never realizes when she has actually grabbed on to something, but I would imagine that's coming soon enough.

~ She gnaws on her hands constantly if her pacifier isn't in her mouth. She usually initially resists her pacifier, but ultimately after a few seconds of me holding it in her mouth she starts sucking. And it usually puts her to sleep/keeps her asleep. I've tried to keep her nails cut pretty short since I don't want her scratching at her face and inside her mouth. She's so squirmy, though, and sleeps so lightly that I have to try to do it when she's eating and even that is a challenge. Here she is gnawing on D's thumb...

~ Tummy time is loathed around here. I have proof.
Here she is, happy as can be, looking at the monkey on her play gym. Then, 2 minutes later after I turned her over for "tummy time"...

~ We moved Amelia to her crib at night a few days ago. The first night she slept only 5 hours, the second only 4, and last night she slept 7.5 hours so it seems to be getting better. Now, my kid is a great sleeper. When she wakes up the first time I simply feed her and put her back in bed and she'll sleep at least another 3 hours. I then feed her again, play with her for 30 minutes or so, then she will sleep for another 3 or 4 hours if I let her. I usually do let her just sleep but when it approaches 4 hours I wake her up. I've tried letting her sleep for as long as she wants to during the day before and then she doesn't sleep at night. I learned a very valuable piece of advice recently and that is not to let your baby be awake for longer than 2 hours. After that point they get overtired and need to rest. I've really taken that to heart because Amelia used to get SO fussy at night and now that we've napped her at night she seems so much better. I used to let her sleep intermittently whenever she wanted in the morning then at night when D got home she'd play with daddy and be awake for 4 or more hours...which led to a VERY fussy baby come bedtime.

Seriously - this is why I need a mommy group. I'm quite certain you don't care about my child's sleeping habits.

I put Amelia in a 3-6 month romper yesterday and almost cried when it actually fit. Granted, Carter's brand runs small but the arm length and leg length is about perfect. I have a long, skinny kid so moving up a size for length is generally good but then the waist area is too big.

I'm learning to sew. I should be finished with my first project by tomorrow or Thursday and I'll post pictures. If you're a seamstress please don't laugh. Or, laugh, because I won't be able to hear you anyway. It's pretty pathetic but I'm still rather proud of it.

I haven't gotten used to the idea that I don't work outside the home anymore. I still feel like I have something to do at work or that I should be starting work any day now. It's liberating yet stressful at the same time because keeping up with my house and taking care of my baby is a lot more work than my "job" ever was. I feel like my husband could take away my "stay at home mom" card any time if I'm not doing a good job. Of course he wouldn't do that, but I want him to love coming home every day to a clean house, a clean kid, and a happy wife. That's a lot more challenging than it sounds! But, it's been my dream job for a long time and I'm happy to attempt to perfect my skills. Any suggestions are welcome.

D took down my winter clothes from the attic so I'll be switching them out tomorrow. I got to thinking that it feels like I just put my winter clothes away then I realized that I did just put them away. Right around the first of August. It will be nice to wear regular winter clothes instead of maternity clothes.

Now I'm just rambling and there's no reason to since I'll be updating more often. I have plenty of time to ramble!
(One of the things that "went" with my pregnancy and subsequent birth of my daughter was my writing ability. I can't seem to form many cohesive thoughts. Thanks for reading, anyway.)

I leave you with a few cute pictures...

These were taken last night. Our dog, Tess, apparently thinks babies taste pretty good.

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Mainly a midwife said...

Wonderful pix. Thanks for the update. Loved the video. Sounds just like Addison. She's seriously trying to talk to us too. So cute. I just love every baby phase!!! So glad you get to be a stay at home mom. It's a real blessing (but sometimes I have to say that it would be easier to go to work..it can be HARD but it's very fulfilling).

Noah said...

Maybe it's because I'm a mom, but I love hearing about the little things like sleep habits and sucking on hands, LOL!

And I can't say enough about having a good supportive Mom's group. I did the parent-baby classes at Evergreen with Will the first year of his life, and that morphed into me becoming friends with some of the moms there and spinning off a playgroup. We still get together for a moms night out once a month and try to do playdates as preschool schedules allow. It's nice to talk to others and know that your child isn't crazy, but rather is normal.

And, IMO, having a perfectly clean house is overrated. You'll never get these years back, so if you want to spend a few extra minutes playing with Ameilia and forgoing the dishes or vaccumming or whatever until later, you should. You won't look back at this time in your life and think "hey, I wish my house had less dust bunnies way back then".

Melissa M said...

I 100% agree with the former comments about house keeping. As long as it is reasonably sanitary, enjoy your little one. I've found that having certain tasks each day helps me make sure that the house is cleaned weekly, but it is done a little each day, so I have time to be mommy and wife.

Diane said...

Wonderful update! Wonderful pix! As a mom too, I enjoy all the ins and outs of how she's sleeping and all. Also, I agree with doing 1-2 small things a day, then at the end of the week, you're house is clean. The crockpot became my best friend. Throw everything together in the a.m. and eat dinner whenever you're ready. And if you're lucky, there are leftovers!

Micah said...

1. I totally understand about the no time for bloggin thing. Add a coule more kids and a sewing business to that! Ugh. My goal is once a week, but right now it's mostly just once a month :-P

2. Always more pictures! I LOVE to see pictures, so if you're wondering if anyone wants to see, I do!

3. Yeah that Amelia is sleeping so well at night! Don't you just feel so much more rested in the mornings now?

Tami said...

Great Pix! That is the thing with Tummy Time no one tells you they will hate it, you think it is going to be lots of fun. I found that in the beginning Chloe did better with tummy time when I placed a rolled up towel or a boppy pillow under her chest to give her a little lift.