Monday, August 10, 2009

The GREAT Grandmas!

This might take a while.

My little girl is getting so big already. I'm jumping right in with some of her more noteable traits because I'm afraid if I start rambling I'll forget what I wanted to say.

She's a stretcher. She stretches a lot. She's also a squirmer. Between the stretching and the squirming she can become hard to hold. I've noticed that she is usually more content being laid down by herself than she is being held; as a matter of fact, sometimes she'll fuss and cry and I'll lay her down and she quiets right down and just looks around. D was feeding her with milk I had pumped earlier then he went to change her. He had something he needed to do so he handed Amelia to me. She was fussy so he put her in the swing and there she remained. She's currently swinging in her swing, sucking on her pacifier and scowling at the window blinds. I think part of the "lay me down and leave me" comes from the fact that she is a gassy little girl. I've started yesterday taking fenugreek to up my milk supply so I can start freezing some and I'm not sure if that's what's doing it but her toots really stink. Oftentimes I'll think she has dirtied her drawers because of the stench and there's nothing there. I'm sure you were waiting for an update on Amelia's gas.

I've got a little girl that fights sleep...she fights it hard. The reason she's scowling right now is because she's trying really hard not to shut her eyelids. She'll even whine before succombing to sweet slumber. She's been staying awake for longer stretches of time during the day and has been for the last couple of weeks. We're not complaining - know why? She's been giving us 5-6 hour stretches of sleep at night and then usually she'll go back down for another 3 hours. Granted, she spends at least an hour or two before going to bed screaming her little lungs out, but really that was in the past. We feel like we know what she needs now and have established somewhat of a routine. She starts screaming between 10 and 11pm...she's hungry. I feed her until one or both of us are frustrated. The frustration comes from the fact that she's cluster feeding so she'll eat then headbutt me while crying for a while then eat for a second then headbutt for 5 minutes then eat for a couple of seconds and cry for 5 minutes. After I've given her what I can I hand her to D and hopefully he's got a bottle of my milk that I pumped earlier to feed her so that she gets every ounce of food that she wants before going to bed. Lately my stash of milk has dwindled (as mentioned in the above paragraph) so all she has is me. I still feed her until I can tell she isn't hungry anymore (an indication is that she's not swallowing the milk anymore - it's pooling in her mouth and spewing out on me when I lift her up to burp her) then we swaddle her, stick her pacifier in her mouth, and rock/bounce her to sleep or until she's drowsy enough to fall asleep on her own once she's in the Moses basket. We have a sleep positioner in the Moses basket that we put her in...we tilt her a little so that she's on her side just slightly. Have I already said this?

D went back to work today, for good. Amelia and I did great! She's such a good baby. She spit up down my shirt and all over herself but that's the only real "issue" we had. I have to brag on her that for her first road trip, she slept through the entire thing. We were on the road for almost 3 hours and she was completely zonked for the trip both on the way there and on the way home. When we got home last night it was about 11pm and since D had to go back to work today I was preparing myself for a long night of cluster feeding and frustration and having to go it alone. However, she slept for another 15 or so minutes after we got home so I could get ready for bed then she woke up, ate, then went right back to sleep and didn't wake up until 5 hours later when D was getting ready for work. After she ate that time, she slept another 3 hours. I felt great today! She makes travelling seem not so hard!

Anyway, I better get to talking about this last weekend or this will turn into a novel.

Amelia got to meet 3 of her great grandmas this weekend! The only one missing was my dad's stepmom whom we affectionately called Grandma Donna when we were little (and still do!). We're hoping she makes the trip West from Oklahoma this summer!

We went to see D's mom's mom, Grandma "Jay" on Friday. She lives in an assisted living facility but she's sharp as a tack. When we visit, D usually runs around fixing little things in her apartment while she and I chat. She really enjoyed holding Amelia and talking to her. Here's D with his grandma "Jay" and Amelia.

On Saturday we went to D's parents' house for his grandma "B"'s 80th birthday party. It was really fun to see his dad's side of the family. We all live relatively close but we rarely see each other. I'm still trying to figure that out since we have so much fun when we're together! D has a couple of cousins who have had babies in the last 5 months or so, so Amelia will have a couple of playmates at family gatherings as she grows!

Here's D's grandma with Amelia. I love this picture because it looks like Grandma and Amelia are deep in conversation about something. There's also a picture of D's mom, me, D, his dad, and his grandma with Amelia. The 4 generations picture!

And just because I like this photo:

That afternoon we headed down to Oregon. My grandparents are down there and my mom scheduled a family photo session for Sunday afternoon. I just realized how many photos we've had professionally taken this last weekend. There was a photographer at D's grandma's birthday party and she got some family photos as well as a picture of just our little family; we also had the professional photo session on Sunday afternoon with my family; then on Sunday night D & I had Amelia's picture taken and some shots of our family by a very talented friend of ours for Amelia's birth announcements (when is too late to send those out?).

Anyway, it was a short trip but a fun one.

::::I waited too long to finish this and now it's cluster feeding time:::

Actually that was painless. I'm probably speaking too soon, but I just "topped her off", bounced her for about 10 minutes, then laid her in her Moses basket. She's sleeping next to her daddy in her basket so I am going to make this quick. Time's ticking.

Here's a picture of Amelia's "great gran" - my mom's mom. She's my granny and I love her very much. She and my granddad were huge parts of my childhood and continue to be a very large part of my life. Unfortunately they live in Colorado so we don't get to see them near as often as we'd like, but when they do come to town they're a lot of fun. They're driving up here to Seattle on Wednesday with my parents to stay for a couple of days. I'm VERY excited.

And here's a picture of my sweet mom with Amelia then a picture of my younger sister, Lindsay, holding Amelia and her husband, Craig, holding their precious baby, Kate. I didn't take as many pictures in Oregon as I would have liked, but these are the ones I have!

Amelia's awake. She woke up crying which woke D up. I felt bad. Now she's sitting next to me in her Boppy, completely tired but unwilling to drift off. She keeps losing her pacifier. She's sleeping at the moment but that will change when she realizes that she's sleeping.

D & I got to go on a little date last Thursday. I'll tell you about it later. For now, I'm going to try to get this little girl to sleep then drift off to Dreamland myself.

Have a great Tuesday!

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Leah said...

Glad to hear things are going so well! Been wondering how you've been doing.

Diane said...

Love the update! Great details - so interesting to see her little personality already. Great pix too. Thanks for stealing a few moments to share how things are going. She is so adorable :)