Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2 Years

Wow, has it really been almost a week since I last posted? Time is flying too quickly. I need it to slow down a little.

Wait. If it slows down, that would mean I'm working longer. Speed it back up. I'm okay with time being slowed down after about 5pm on the weekdays. And it can just take it's dear sweet time on the weekends. But before 5pm on weekdays, speed it up. (Disclaimer: Holidays that fall on weekdays or vacation time should also be slowed down. Thank you.)

Speaking of weekends, this weekend should be fun. D & I are heading down to Oregon around 12pm on Friday. My family is big into holidays and Halloween is just an excuse to celebrate autumn which works for me since it's my favorite season. My mom always makes homemade sugar cookies and we frost them together. Then there's the annual trip to Sauvie Island for the pumpkin patch. We've been doing this for a long time - maybe ever since we moved to Oregon if not a couple of years after that. When we get there we usually eat lunch (hamburger or hot dog and corn - always corn on the cob) then after lunch we pile on to the hay ride and it takes us out to the pumpkin patch. We spend time trudging through the vines and sometimes muddy ground to find our perfect pumpkins, then we head back on the hay ride. We browse the little gift shop and by then we're ready to go.

Look at these pictures I found from 2005. This was my first time bringing D home to meet my family and they loved him, of course. Who wouldn't? Man, I'd love to be that size again. The second picture is my brother-in-law, Chris, and Caleb when he was just a baby riding in a little "train" pulled by a tractor. I love that picture!

So today is our 2nd anniversary. I asked D last night if he could believe that we'd been married for 2 years already and the look on his face made us both crack up. It was the look of "Only two years?" Last night as I was working feverishly trying to get some creative juices flowing and finish the first of many banners, D says he's going to the store and asks if I need anything. We're out of milk, but I told him not to worry about it and that we'd go another time. Then it hits me.

I looked at him "I didn't get you an anniversary card."
A smile broke on his face.
"Is that why you're going to the store?" I asked him. I already knew the answer.
We both laughed. I told him not to worry about it - I know he loves me, a card isn't necessary. Not to mention if he gave me a card today and I didn't have one for him then I would feel pretty bad, so maybe this year we'll just go cardless. :)

Tonight we'll go to The Melting Pot. I love The Melting Pot. If you sign up for their club online you receive a free chocolate fondue for your anniversary and I think you get one for your birthday, too! We do the entire dinner which is a lot of fun.

I plan to relive our wedding day for you sometime this week. I want to be able to show you pictures at the same time.

Maple Oat Nut Scones. They will be made on Thursday evening...I hope. I still have committments to two lovely ladies to get them their headers this week so I must live up to my end of the bargain. I'm having fun with them; just for some reason last night I couldn't think creatively. I think it was due to lack of sleep, but it's very frustrating when you know you have it in you to think of some really great ideas but they just aren't coming to you!

Brie at My Home - My Life is having a giveaway...her first ever! Go check it out!

Have a good October 14th - I know I will!

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Micah said...

Happy Anniversary!!! David looks especially young in that picture. Hope you have a great weekend!

foreverfoldinglaundry said...

Happy Anniversary! October is such a beautiful time to be married! Hope you have a wonderful anniversary dinner...I'd take a big ole' pot of melted chocolate right about now! =)

Diane said...

Hap-Hap-Happy Anniversary! Best wishes for many more happy years together. Enjoy your dinner (melted anything sounds so good right now!)

Also, I am interested in the blog header. I don't know if you're still open for those, but I'm in no hurry either. Thanks.

Mainly a midwife said...

I don't know how I missed your updated blog yesterday! Happy Belated Anniversary..hope you had a nice time at the Melting Pot!!

Deborah said...

Happy anniversary! We celebrate our 3rd next month, but I still get that look from my husband!

Debbie said...

I love your Halloween family tradition. Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend with family! ENJOY!!!

Happy Anniversary! My does that Melting Pot sound yummy. I still have memories of spending up to three hours in that place years ago. Mmmm good!

Wedding Pictures? Did I hear Wedding Pictures??? Oooooooo can't wait! But take your time, really though, I can't wait! I love weddings, all the details and pictures - I will never tire of them.

Blessings - Debbie